Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Blogger tells me this is post #300*. I really wish I had something deep and heartfelt and inspirational to say. But I really don't.

When I wrote the first few posts I had no idea that this journey would drag on and on, and that my life would start to revolve around things over which I have very little control. If I could go back and tell that younger me what she would be facing, I don't think she would have listened. She wasn't ready to know the future.

There may have been some delusions of grandeur - the next Amalah, or Dooce. Someone who others wanted to be, loved to read, and whose posts overflowed with comments. Yeah. Not so much anymore. I think I can at least claim some maturation here and say that I'm grateful to not be such a public presence and that even though my comment numbers may be low, I am also very grateful to those who comment as those comments are much more meaningful than the majority I read on those other sites**. Hugs and kisses to you my faithful readers and sometimes commentators.

Will there be 300 more? I hope so, but don't know for certain. Prognosticating and mind-reading are outside of my abilities. Some of you may argue that writing isn't one of my abilities either. Believe me, I am well aware of that along with the awareness that life is uncertain, that it can change without warning and that that only thing you can do sometimes is keep on going. So keep on going I shall. I hope you stay with me for the journey.

*Debatable, but close enough since Blogger counts drafts as posts.

**Not intended as a hint for more comments. I fully recognize that not all of my posts require comment or response. Unless you want to leave me a raspberry for poor writing, in which case, I probably deserve it!


  1. Hey congrats! Every 100 posts is a little landmark, isn't it? I was shocked when I surpassed post #400. At roughly 500 words/post, I've committed 200,000 words to the Internet!

    I'm glad you blog, and I think you're a lovely writer. May you see 600 posts, and continue beyond!

  2. Congrats on 300 posts. I really enjoy your blog. Please keep writing!

    I think it is fine not to be very a very public presence in the blog world. You get really great comments, and can get to know more the people who do follow you.

  3. Congratulations, I am still a newbie at this but enjoy reading your blog.

    I think it is better not to have a very public presence as that can often lead to weirdo's making all sorts of strange comments on your blog.