Thursday, June 25, 2009

How I dropped my IQ without even trying...

Last night DH and I watched "The House Bunny."

It was about as funny as you might expect. And cringe-inducing as well.

nerd stereotypes = check
bitchy sorority girls = check
back-stabbing so-called friends = check
caterpillar into butterfly metamorphosis = check
ending with an after-school-special type teaching moment = check

But that's sort of what you expect from a Happy Madison production (though I was surprised to that neither Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler showed up in any of the scenes).


  1. Ha! I couldn't even make it through Billy Madison. Wes and I tried to watch it and I told him it was making me way too grumpy and we stopped it.

    Eventually the mass exodus of brain cells will do permanent damage, it's best to minimize the damage.

  2. Hi Mrs. Higrens...In response to your comment on my blog about valium during the ER, I will have both valium and IV sedation - thanks goodness!!! Thanks for the well wishes!