Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Month, Another OB Visit (June)

The fetal monitor proved the little heart is still wooshing away, which I was fairly certain of thanks to still experiencing the occasional need to rush to an appropriate receptacle for the emptying of my stomach contents {edited in July: this is pretty much over, hurrah!}, and s/he will soon be receiving extra progesterone nightly in the hopes that his/her arrival is more delayed than LO's. {July note: I finally got to the pharmacy to pick it up and they had no record of it being called in, so need to make that phone call tomorrow.}

New and different this time? Uncomfortable cramping 'down there' when I've spent too much time on my feet.  OB did a cervical check and all is well there, so she agreed that the smart thing is to get off my feet and rest when that starts up as I've already been trying to do.

I'm also starting to feel the occasional punch and kick which is always fun (at least until they become vicious). {July note: punching and kicking is apparently not as much fun as seeing how far one can stretch out in a confined space.}

Oh, and in case you were wondering how the bloodwork came back from the last visit? I don't remember the exact ratios but they were better per bloodwork than per age, so that was positive!  I had more blood taken today (June) for the 2nd part of the testing (I didn't ask questions). The first attempt ended poorly - the tech was trying to dig for the vein, but thankfully quickly gave up the search.  The second attempt went much better, unfortunately it was mostly thanks to the smaller needle of the second butterfly device. The tech said she was sent the wrong ones, and the lab didn't like them. Frankly I didn't understand why it makes a difference since all they should be seeing is the tube with the blood, but what do I know? [Okay, per wikipedia the smaller needles can cause problems with the red blood cells, so the issue is the quality of the sample which stinks because the smaller needles are much less likely to be painful. Moving on.]

In other life news, the remodeling project of doom appears to be dragging ever more slowly than before.  We finally got the counters installed in the laundry room only to realize that the sink was the  wrong brand, which might have been liveable had the faucet hole not been placed incorrectly. So that all had to be redone.  Also needing to be redone? Our shower. As in a full tear out of the old tile and maybe the underlayment below because the attempted regrout left more of a problem than we had started with.  So frustrating! That's not going to happen until the end of July.{July note: counters and sink have now been replaced and the laundry room is complete excluding the final electrical stuff. Wood for the re-do of 1/2 our downstairs wood floors is to be delivered tomorrow with demo & install to begin the following week. DH and I still need to go select the new tile for the shower. Woo.}

Monday, June 2, 2014

12 Weeks, Summertime, and the Living's Queasy

(my apologies for the title pun)

Queasy still. Every time I think I'm going to be okay, I'm not. It's quite tiresome. What's not tiresome? Once again hearing that lovely whooshing sound & seeing a wiggling little body which has now developed arms and hands and legs and feet. And two hemispheres of a brain and appropriately sized nuchal measurements.  Still waiting on the bloodwork, but the body looks perfect! And from what I think I didn't see when said body did a full frontal stretch for the ultrasound wand, I'm guessing girl, but the ultrasound tech didn't say anything so I'm keeping that to myself (except for here).

Remodeling progress is stalled. STALLED. We did get the replacement plumbing pieces for the shower today, but are still waiting on extensions so the original sink faucets can be properly installed on the updated bathroom counters. DH and I have been using the hall bath for much much much longer than we ever anticipated.  And there is no word on when (if ever) the cabinets for the laundry room will be installed.  I am so done, yet now DH is now making noises about having things done to our deck.  Argh.

LO is running headlong towards 4.  Lots and lots and lots of "watch me" do the same thing eleventy bazillion times with major meltdowns if one does not properly and enthusiastically acknowledge each individual movement. And lots of screaming when told not to do something, that is, when she's not actively ignoring a direct 'no' or order to 'stop' because she's enjoying what she's doing so much.

Some days I really wonder how I'm going to handle having 2!

Monday, May 12, 2014

And there's only another 30 weeks to go!

So - things seem to be chugging along.

Increased stomach issues at 9 weeks+: check
Exhaustion exacerbated by LO waking before 6AM daily: check
Aversions to foods which might actually help relieve stomach issues: check
Informing the grandparents on Mother's Day to shocked but pleased reactions: check
Ditto for LO: check
LO informing her preschool class the following day that her Mommy has a baby in her tummy: check

This is by far my least favorite part of pregnancy. All those hormones slooshing around spiking and dipping and generally not letting the rest of the body adjust before changing once again. 

I'm also grumpy because the remodeling & updating project we started the Monday after our return from vacation which was projected to take at most three weeks now looks to be dragging out for at least two more weeks, if not three. I wish I could say I was surprised, but given the way the start date got pushed out a couple of months from the estimate given when we signed the contract, I'm just resigned.  Grumpy too as in the immediate time frame our shower, which we are having regrouted, has taken the tile guys way way way longer than the 2-3 days they estimated. And they damaged our shower controls while using an acid product (they are going to replace them, but still it's just one more thing). The long delay in getting started made me question the company, all the rest has cemented my unhappiness with them.  Plus I'd like to be able to leave the house again for more than the time it takes to do a preschool run with a quick stop for groceries!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sounds Like a Washing Machine In There

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh - at something like 171 beats per minute.

Which is to say that today's appointment went very well.

Only one in there (phew!) measuring in at 8wk 1day, so only a couple days off from my count of the weeks starting on Tuesdays.  Everything else looks good too (yolk sac, lining, cervix length, etc. etc.).

Doc's going to start me on prometrium inserts starting week 16 or 17 (whoopie...but better than injections!) to help stave off another premature arrival. My internal dialogue when she said this: I don't know if I can handle going full term!

Next visit, at the end of the month, brings another ultrasound with the nuchal fold measurement & blood panel which goes along with it. 

Something different with this ob/gyn group from the one I went to before we moved is that I'll see the same doctor for every visit instead of going round-robin to meet them all.  I like this change!  As I learned with LO's arrival, even if you meet all the doctors in a group, you can end up not delivering with any of them!

Over the past week I was starting to feel smug about my lack of vomiting. Of course that meant that last night I was struck by an unavoidable urge to do so. Morning sickness, hah!

So for now, I'm trying to relax and enjoy and let the future take care of itself. Bad things can happen whether I worry about them or not, so why give the power to the fear?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Is...

...The need for daily naps and eating like an infant; you know, just a little bit every 1.5-2 hours so I don't slide into the spiral of morning (hah!) sickness.

...LO being entertained by the television while I attempt to conserve energy. And whining. And demanding food of her own on the off 1.5-2 hours when I'm not nibbling myself. And, being just charming enough for me to not kick her outside into the rain.

...The remodeling work we wanted to start in early 2013 finally starting with just enough notice to clean out the room we are re-doing, but not being told that the electricians were actually going to start first so there have been many calls to DH asking questions about things we could have settled over the weekend had we known they were coming to do all their work.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Oh, there's nothing like being on vacation and having to refuse "free" alcohol at least once a day.  Especially when you're not ready to break out the 'I'm pregnant!' excuse. And finding your range of acceptable foods shrink from moderately wide to embarrassingly small with a tiny overlap with the available foods mid-week, and after making restaurant reservations.

But, despite that we did have a wonderful time on vacation - got 8 mostly-uninterrupted hours of sleep or so a night, did little to nothing besides lounging pool-side and eating every day and came back more exhausted than when we left. What's up with that?!

Also, no things I had feared might happen happened, apart from the food issues mentioned above which thankfully didn't kick in until the latter portion of our vacation.

Still counting down to the 2nd when all shall be revealed for better or worse.

And now I'm off towards bed as we didn't arrive home until after 1am this morning and despite a 1.5hr nap that snuck up on me while I shut my eyes for 'just a few minutes' I'm pooped.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Forced Unconcern

That's how I'm feeling.  That I'm pretty much forcing myself to assume all is well, and that all will be well until the u/s on May 2nd. It's not like I have much if any control over anything to do with the process.  That's not to say I don't do irregular checks on the girls to see if they are still reactive, or notice that I'm seriously belly bloated by the end of the day.  And I've already had my first crazy pregnancy dream in which I was trying to nurse one of our cats...WTH!?

I did not end up calling the RE's office. I specifically picked my OB/GYN because she does specialize in high-risk pregnancy, and there are a number of doctors in the group, so we'll just roll with that.

When DH and I talk about the possibilities, it's in terms of the practicalities - what kinds of baby things we'll need to get (not much since I've been pathological about keeping all of LO's things and most of the equipment is on the gender neutral side; obviously a boy would mean a 98% new wardrobe, and the majority of my maternity wear was geared toward warmer weather so I'll need to bulk that up for the fall/early winter), any projects we think might need to be completed around the house, the room we'll switch over from guest to nursery, and so forth.

At this point no matter what happens, DH and I are in agreement that this is it: a decision needs to be made and followed through on in regards to permanent birth control. Whether it's him getting snipped (we have not really discussed) or my tubes tied (I refuse to go back on hormonal birth control and have fears that my metal allergy would be triggered by a metal IUD), we will do something.

Keep sending the good vibes our way, please. Still not sure what happened, but maybe we finally relaxed enough? Hah!