Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 or Less (Fewer?)

No idea about effacement, but right around 3cm dilated. 

OB is thrilled to have reached this point. Me, not so much. I can't find a comfortable position - sitting upright, laying on my left side, laying on my back. The belly is up in my ribs all the time.

She did, out of the blue, say I could schedule an induction starting at 39 weeks, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Epidural and pictocin when already in labor are one thing, introducing them when there is no reason to, quite another. At least in my mind.

As much as I'm ready to not be pregnant, I'm also not ready for everything to change for our family. Because I know things are going to change, and while I can perhaps throw an educated guess at it, I just don't know how, and how all of us are going to react to the changes.

LO is really good at being 4 - both the hard parts and the good parts. I realized the other afternoon, and I don't know why it hit me so hard at that time, that as big as she is, she's still just a little girl. So while she's able now to let the dog in and out (and get cutely huffy about it), go potty on her own (still working on the wiping/washing/flushing bit), and mostly entertain herself without my having to supervise, she is also throwing magnificent tantrums about random things, getting pickier about food, and not using her ears as effectively as she could be.

And I do mean big size wise, at 4 and a few months she's wearing kids 6 and 6x. The sleeves and legs are a trifle long, but the waist and  shoulders fit her just right. I'm actually a little concerned as the waists and rears in the size 6 winter pants are already getting a bit snug.  (Side rant here about how at many stores moving into size 4 and up girls clothes mean that everything thing in that range is designed for the pre-teen set. Never mind that a 10yo should not be dressing like a 15yo and how that trickles down to the smaller end of sizes as's infuriating and convinces me that the people designing and making the decisions about fashion do not have kids  /end rant)

DH is working crazy hours thanks to a number of factors outside his control. He is hiring, but that process adds to his work, along with the integration of the new people into the system. My guess is that while he'll theoretically take off work once LT arrives, he'll still end up doing a number of hours each day just to keep things from boiling over. Grrr.

Oh, here's where I tease you...I think we've finally agreed on a first/middle name combination for LT. Strangely the first name starts with the same initial as LO. Trying to avoid it, but that's the name we both liked. Middle is different, but the final kicker is the last letter for LO's first/middle names are reversed for LT. The middle name, like LOs, was a maiden name for a now deceased grandmother, LO's on my side, LT's on DH's side.

And now everyone home is demanding to eat dinner. What is up with that?! Off I go to oblige them.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Still ~50% effacement.
About 2cm dilated.

Big, heavy, hurting. 

Tired too.

Last progesterone was last night so hopefully things do start to move faster.

Saw some colostrum Tuesday night so that's a good sign, right?

My belly is not smooth and round but lumpy and lobal.

One good thing, I noticed recently that the keratosis pilaris on my upper arms has disappeared. It's so strange for my arms to be smooth and not bumpy! Will be interesting to see if it/when it returns after LT arrives.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

5, Count 'Em 5

Another week, another weekly check.

50% effacement
.5-1cm dilated

OB doesn't think things are going to go anywhere in the next week or two. But she's on vacation the week of Thanksgiving, so I'm hoping to deliver before then (or after, but would really prefer before!).

1 more week of progesterone and then I am done, forever and ever, AMEN. Hooray!

I'm starting to waddle. Walking is getting very tiring - ran errands with brief stops at 4 stores after the OB appt. yesterday before picking LO up from preschool and my legs still hurt. Aside from this morning, LO has been waking up before 6AM since the time change which means we all must be awake to entertain her royal pain-in-the-ass-ness. This has reminded me and DH that I don't do well with extended periods of time waking before 6...a not so helpful reminder before we restart sleep deprivation with a newborn!

My pants are either too small in the waist (under belly band) so they start pinching by the end of the day, or too big (over belly "secret" panel) so I spend all day hiking them up. The shirts which worked throughout pregnancy with LO have been overwhelmed by the belly and allow a "smile" of belly to peep out beneath and none of my bras are comfortable, not even the nursing bras which were too big all over when LO stopped.

Did I mention I'm cranky? Oh, you guessed? Huh.

I think we have a strong contenders for first and middle names, finally. I heard my favorite of the narrowed down first names at an OB appointment and decided I didn't like it after all so had to go back and revisit the list. DH hasn't given it a final seal of approval, but did say it had possibility which he hasn't for any other combinations I've proposed.

LO is running around without pants and the TV had been on since 7am-ish until the past 40 minutes, & I just sent her to her room for demanding candy (she chose to have her daily piece immediately after breakfast this morning). Not one of my best parenting days...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1? Week(s) To Go

This weeks OB visit went well.

I'll let you in on a little secret though...strep swabbing hurts! The OB also did an internal exam - everything was still shut nice and tight, though she did say she thought there was about 30% effacement.

LO came down with a cold the beginning of the week, and ever so thoughtfully shared the germs with me so I've spent today mostly horizontal on the couch hydrating and blowing my nose. I'm hoping to get the infant bucket seat unpacked this weekend, and do some name finalization with DH. For some reason it hasn't seemed quite so urgent this time round, but it is getting down to the wire!

LT has not yet discovered the trick of getting her feet under my ribs, for which I am extremely grateful.  She does like to hang out with her back on the left side though, so I feel pretty constantly lopsided.

DH took LO trick-or-treating - a plan already in place before the germs attacked as I didn't feel like I would be up to so much walking. They weren't out long, despite a potty stop immediately before getting costumed, LO had an urgent need to go. It seemed like she had just as much fun after their return in helping to hand out candy to the those who came to our door - actually the most who came since we moved in two years ago.

Hope your Halloween and weekend were/are all you hoped for!

Friday, October 24, 2014

33w 4d (Hooray!)

It was about this day in the last pregnancy (and time! as I type this) that LO made her early arrival.

Not sure that I can fully express how relieved I am at crossing this milestone. I'm actually surprised at the relief I'm feeling, I didn't think I was consciously worried about it. But perhaps with DH being away this week it was more intensified than I realized.

Wednesday's OB appointment thankfully brought no surprises, but I will start weekly appointments given my history. Next appointment the OB is planning to do the strep swab so that will be fun.

Washed the first load of new sleepers today - I had to get some new things, how could I not? I also washed the package of hand mitts I picked up. With the way LT (Little Two) has had her hands at her face in every one of the last ultrasounds I figured it was probably prudent, and a cheap insurance policy if they aren't actually necessary.

DH managed to swap the furniture between the guest rooms, with little help from me, last weekend. He also put the crib up, so apart from figuring out a changing table and deciding what to do about a glider/ottoman, we're in pretty good shape. I finally got the hospital bag mostly packed (3 weeks after finalizing the list, but still) except for a few last minute items and the aforementioned hand mitts & an outfit or two to pick from for going home.  The car seat is still in the box in the garage. Easy enough to unpack/install when the moment comes.

 I'm sleeping poorly. Thank you squashed bladder and post-pee insomnia, & LO who has decided that waking before the sun appears is fun. Weight gain is something like 15-17 pounds depending on which pre-pregnancy weight I go by.  If I'm going to get anything done it's in the morning. Afternoons are couch time. LO is watching way more television than I would like, but I don't have the energy to occupy her with better (less mind-numbing) options.

Trying to enjoy the last few weeks of LO being an only child. Not doing anything special but especially trying to not resent the energy she needs that I don't currently have to give. It's been extra nice finally having the playset up so she can be active and I can sit and watch from the comfort of a deck chair.

Anyway, that's what's going on here. Still taking guesses on arrival!

Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Weeks or Such (depending on who's counting)

Good news from this weeks OB appointment and ultrasound!
  • The previa is G-O-N-E gone! That's a huge weight off my mind, I was having much trouble wrapping my head around the idea of a c-section. It also means the end of pelvic rest, albeit with the condition of condom usage to prevent any semen related start to labor.
  • Fluid levels are still in the acceptable range.
  • Baby is still head down, even stubbornly so when the ultrasound tech tried to push on her head to get a better view of the cervix area.
  • The first two items mean that the next appointment in 2 weeks does not include an ultrasound. Yay! But also boo because it's been very nice seeing the growth on a regular basis.
  • There was no mention of the results from the glucose test so I am assuming all is well there.
Also discussed at the appointment was travel, given my history the OB is not entirely comfortable with my doing so at this point, even to a location with easy access to a very good alternate hospital. So, LO and I stayed home this weekend while DH goes and does some scheduled training. I was debating staying home anyway as there was a high percentage of rain in the forecast but that cinched it.

Plan for the weekend now is to put the majority of stuff together for the hospital bag as I did not have that done in time for LO's birth. I do not want that to happen again! I have already declared next weekend to be the designated time for the room to be organized - but frankly I'm not as invested in that as I am the hospital bag. We all know babies don't really need their own room immediately from the start. The plan for the room is to switch furniture between the two current guest rooms - the room we're going to use as the new nursery has a queen and the other room has a double - switching them will allow more room for the crib & ME a decent sized bed to sleep in since we're not ready to move LO into a larger bed since it's not been that long since she moved into the twin. I also have no big decorating plans - I like the bedding that's currently on the double, and it will work for a girl's room so apart from hopefully finding some wall decals or art, I consider things good. [I have a feeling that this won't be the last thing that's good enough instead of being special, thus is the plight of the 2nd child of the same gender!]

The biggest thing right now is the uncertainty of when this kiddo will make her appearance. I'm not supposed to stop the progesterone until I'm 36 weeks, but the OB said it just keeps things closed up, it won't stop contractions if they start. I guess I'm looking for the happy medium between needing the NICU and going full term. I'd like to make it past Halloween, & the next full moon is 11/5...which would put me at 35 weeks. Of course, DH is scheduled to be across the country when I'm 33 weeks, so that week would be problematic! My mom is already planning to come for part of that week so I shouldn't be completely alone if this babe follows the same schedule as LO.  I do know that I do not want to go full term - I think that would drive me over the edge. 

That said, anyone want to make a guess as to date/time/weight/length? Getting any of the above would be rewarded with bragging rights only! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

29? Weeks (Who the heck knows!?)

Today's 7:30AM ultrasound (that's what I get for having to make appointments only 2 weeks in advance) showed only good things!  Hurrah!

  • Fluid levels are within normal range
  • Placenta is 2mm (2!) from being completely outside the 2 centimeter area of concern around the cervix
  • Baby is growing appropriately (and as of this morning had tucked herself snugly head down)
Also did the glucose test this morning. Pretty sure those results will come back okay as well, but eh. I don't recall it making me quite so tired the last time, but perhaps that exhaustion was also related to my getting up an hour earlier than usual in order to leave the house by the time I'm usually crawling out of bed.

Going back again in two more weeks for yet another check. I'm hoping at that appointment that the pelvic rest orders will be lifted.

Overall I feel okay. Too much salt and my left foot & ankle start to swell, sitting down and getting back up can be uncomfortable in the nether regions, not to mention that baby finds it amusing to kick me hard enough with her pointy little heels to make me gasp, and I swear I'm bigger already than I ever got with LO.

Which reminds me, I pulled out a light jacket I'd gotten when pregnant with LO (french terry) and it's tight across my belly. How am I going to stay comfortable in the cooler weather of fall if nothing fits across there?!