Friday, June 19, 2015

6 months - ouch!

My aching back, and arms, & shoulders.

Dear God, this child always wanting to be held or carried is breaking me!

At the 6 month appt LT was 26.5" and 17.5lbs. Length, height & head circumference all placed her right around the 75th percentile.

Sleep is better-ish...I generally get about 2 good nights where she sleeps on her own with one or two brief wakings and then one night where she will not settle unless I pull her into bed with me and let her nurse to her tummy's content. Confession: she's still sleeping in the rock &play since I haven't been brave or well rested enough to make the transition back to the crib. I'm sure that will be coming soon. Wish me luck!

Naps, however, are a crap shoot. The first happens between 2-3 hours after waking, after that it depends on the day and what else is going on. Oh, and that thing about 2nd kids sleeping through anything? It's a big fat lie!!! LO was a much better napper - in terms of location and duration. LT still only naps on my lap or in her car seat & transitions do. not. happen. ever. I'm betting that is related to her lack of crib sleeping at night.

At 6 months and 10 days LT broke through her first tooth.  The second popped through 2 days later. Many others are lined up...yikes!

I started solids the weekend after LT hit 6 months. Tonight she finished off a 3.5 ounce pouch and was whining for more. Off to see if Amazon sells them cheaper!


Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Months (LT)

Bullets b/c taking advantage of happy baby in exersaucer...
  • Exersaucer: Didn't have one for LO, though we used one lent to the owners when I went into the office to work. We got one for LT a month ago and it was not a hit, but now she will happily spend 5-10 minutes in it, and we're about to need to bump up the legs to the middle height. Right now her favorite part are the tags on a fabric section. What's with babies & tags?!
  • Weight: Rough weighed LT on Sunday and she clocked in at right around 17 pounds. I knew she was a chunk but that is some serious heft.
  • Size: And explains with her length why she's comfortably into 9 month clothing already.
  • Food: Still getting just breast milk and that 4oz bottle of formula before bed.
  • Sleep: She's hit a sleep regression recently to my dismay. The 5-6 hour stretches I had been counting on to keep my own sleep levels healthy have been replaced by 2-3 hour stretches with brief wakings for a quick snack in-between. 
  • Coffee: = my new best friend. We' The local starbucks now knows my order & has a nickname for me. I also signed up for auto-reload on the Starbucks card. La la la la, I don't want to know how much I'm spending to be able to function!
  • I splurged on an Ergo (well, as much of a splurge as using accumulated gift cards for most of it can be) because the Bjorn was killing my back. Why didn't I spend this money sooner?! So easy to get on, LT is usually happy in it, my back doesn't kill me after 10 minutes, easy to grocery shops and do other errands in vs. using the bucket when LT is awake. Am now a convert!
  • LO alternates between being extremely helpful without prompting and throwing huge pissy tantrums at being asked to do the simplest of things. I am assured that at 5yr 2wk there will be a massive improvement.  I really hope so because DH and I are about done with her lack of respect and blatant disobedience. Usually at times when we have our hands full dealing with Regan and she knows she can get away with it. Too smart for her own good, that one!
  • Whoops, time's up. Hope your Mother's Day was better than your expectations.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

19.5 weeks (Little Two)

So, in the past month, Little Two has rolled over many more times, able to go both tummy to back, and back to tummy, but only one at a time before she gets upset.

At her 4 month appointment she was just over 25" and 13 1/2 pounds.

She wears mostly 6 month clothes with a few 9 month outfits thrown in. I've started running into the issue with having a half-year offset on the girls for hand-me-downs: since LO was wearing 9 month clothes mostly in the winter there aren't many lighter weight outfits. So much for that savings!

Going through the tubs of clothes I've realized what a crappy job I did of sorting as I set things aside. The most frustrating thing so far was finding the 6mo sized bunting I knew I had and could have used during the colder months mixed in with some 12-18 month clothes. I also need to track down some of LO's summer hats, I hope I find them before summer ends! This time I'm actually labeling the tubs and putting the outgrown clothing in with the right sizes instead of just lumping them all together as I find them. It should make passing them along easier once I can bring myself to do so.

Still no progress on picking out a rocker for her room so I can stop using the bed for night feedings. Thought I had found a strong possibility but a full price out including the necessary ottoman caused the price to almost double from what I was anticipating and willing to pay. Back to looking I go.

I'm hoping LT will soon start to settle into a schedule in regards to sleep. Some nights she sleeps through a good 5-6+ hours, some she wakes every 3 hours, and some she wakes even more times than I want to attempt to remember.  The days are irregular also - some mornings she gives me a good 2 hour nap where I can transfer out of my lap into the swing, and some days she'll only doze on me and if I dare try and move her to the swing she'll scream like a banshee until I nurse her back into said doze. She remains not a fan of the car seat so I'm never sure if a car ride will be quiet or loud with indignant screams of protest about not being in my (tired) arms.

LT has discovered the joy that is petting (read as pulling the hell out of their fur for as long as they put up with it) the kitties. Oh, (and because my train of thought led from fur on hands to fur in mouth and then the logical exit of fur) she only poops once or twice a week. Quite a difference from LO who pooped much much more.  She's quite the efficient user of breast milk! Speaking of which, apart from her nightly 4oz bottle of formula before bed, LT remains almost completely breastfed.

At the 4mo appt the ped suggested I could start cereal if I wanted. My reaction? No, thank you! I'm happy to delay that mess until she starts grabbing the food on my plate. I've done the excited to start solids thing, and I'm now convinced it's not worth the extra effort until she shows interest.

So that's where things are with LT. Hope you are enjoying the spring!

Monday, March 23, 2015

15 Weeks - Meet Chatty Cathy

In the past couple of weeks Little Two has gotten very chatty. Nothing like real words, of course, but many repeated vocalizations; my favorite is one that has the same patterning as 'I love you.' And she will 'talk' back in a nonsense conversation when you engage her.

She has not repeated the roll from tummy to back of the other day. Boo!

This girl continues to be a snuggle-bug, happiest when sitting on my lap or being carried if I'm walking around. Unfortunately for my arms/neck/back the two carriers I've tried have not been popular. She also prefers to nap on me to any other location. It does make it difficult at times to get things done!

I am a bit concerned that she is tilting her head to one side, not for head shape but that the muscles of neck her are compensating for an issue. Will be addressing that with the ped. at her next appointment.

Nursing continues to be successful. I miss the weekly weigh-ins I was able to do with LO, because it was a trackable data, but LT maintains her chubby cheeks, wrists, and thighs while seemingly growing out of clothes before I've gotten them washed for a second wearing, so I think she's doing just fine there. I continue to give her a 4oz formula bottle at bedtime followed by a full nursing session so her tummy is nice and full and usually guarantees 5-6 hours of sleep. On the off nights it's more like a total of 3-4 for me. Blergh. In other news, my coffee addiction is in full swing.

LO is impatiently waiting for LT to get big enough to play with her. Apparently we adults having to do adult things and not play with her ALL. THE. TIME. is too boring for her or something. On the flip side, she has taught herself to do a cartwheel, without any gymnastics training/exposure at all. How crazy is that?!

I guess that's all there is here, LT actually transferred to the swing for a nap (all hail the Fisher Price Cradle & Swing) and I have a literal mountain of pots and pans awaiting my attention in the kitchen (see above regarding difficulty getting things done) which I may finally be able to get a handle on. Hah!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

13.5 Weeks (aka 3 Months)

Little Two rolled over during tummy time today! She's only done tummy time a short handful of times (bad mom!) so extra hurray!!!!

Pushing into 6 months clothes already, and out of 3 month sleepers though pants still fit around the waist. She's a chunk, but a long one.

Nursing continues on approximately the same schedule as before: Every 2-3 hours during the day, a 4oz bottle at bedtime, 4-6 hours of sleep for me and then start over again.

Dealing with both girls at the same time is getting harder - LT naps mostly on me (which is simultaneously awesome and frustrating) so even when she's sleeping I'm still not really free to give LO 100% exclusive attention.  LO's behavior seems to be reflecting this lack of individual attention. So much not fun.

 DH and I celebrated 13 years of marriage on the 9th, went out to a nice dinner on Friday by ourselves. The in-laws came over and watched both girls, didn't do everything exactly as I would have liked, but that's the price to pay for free childcare.

What else? We signed LO up for Kindergarten for next year. We're going to keep her at the private preschool for several reasons, number one for me is that the class size will be 12-16 students vs. 28 in the public school. This will allow for much more individualized attention. It really feels like she will thrive in a smaller class vs. bobbing along in a larger one.

I guess that's it. Off to make dinner. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 Weeks, Little Two Style

We're all doing well here. LT does have a touch of reflux which is responding nicely to a daily dose of famotidine.

LT is sprouting like a weed, at her 2 month appointrment was 11.5lb and 22.5" tall which places her squarely at the 75th percentile for both. She's powered through size 1 diapers in the space of one 100 count box & 3 smaller packages. I put her in size 2's last night and they fit nicely so when the current supply of 1's is depleted that is it! Three month clothing is also starting to get snug - it feels like I just switched into it from newborn and I'm sure she hasn't worn everything even once! At least LO was in 3-6 and 6 month clothes in the winter so I don't need to stock up on warm stuff (though maybe some more long-sleeve shirts since I layer LT more than LO). It's been helpful having LO's stuff but at some point I know their 6 month season difference is going to catch up and I'll be shopping for both of them.

Related, I wasn't expecting LT to be on the upper end of the percentiles. My side of the family runs more petite, so why wouldn't one of the girls be smaller? Oh well, I guess they got my looks and DH's frame. Better that than the other way, I suppose. ;)

LT continues to get a 4oz evening bottle which she likes to supplement with a full nurse. Most nights that does get her through a good 4-5 hour stretch. I pay for it during the day though with her feeding every 1.5-2 hours. Perhaps that's also related to supply as when I've been able to or needed to pump I rarely get more than 3oz total? But as seen above she is growing like crazy, so it's obvious she's getting what she needs, even if it means she rarely has a decent nap (aka I barely get anything done).

As LT gets older, it's getting more obvious how alike they are. Of the pictures below where they are wearing the same sleeper and on the same pack & play sheet, LO is at 11.5 weeks & LT at 8 weeks, can you tell who is who?

Oh, LT just transferred successfully into the swing of wonder so I'm going to go do something I can only accomplish most effectively with the freedom of two hands: LAUNDRY. lucky me

*If you guessed that LO is on top and LT is on the bottom you'd be right.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

6 Weeks

Wow! How have 6 weeks gone by so quickly? I'm going to have to go with blaming Christmas on this one.

LT is doing great now that she's gotten the bili issues out of her system. Literally. Did I mention that poop is how the bits leave the body? Anyway, moving on...

Once again, my milk production levels have not been able to keep up with demand, but this time around I refuse to endure the crazy pumping/formula/nursing schedule I kept with LO. Looking back at that, it was insane, but I had time. I don't have time or mental energy to keep it up now. LT is getting some formula - Gerber gentle premix in the tetrapak boxes (I tried a sample of powdered enfamil and it was soundly rejected) - at night before I go to bed and occasionally some during the day if demand is extra high (but only after nursing until my nipples are sore*). I do have a pump so when it works out, I try to fit a session in after LT's bedtime bottle but before I get to bed myself. I'm also trying to load up on oatmeal and fenugreek to help boost production, but I'm not sure I'm consistent enough with either for full effectiveness.

Thanks to the bedtime formula bottle LT generally gives me anywhere from a 4.5 to 6 hour stretch of sleep, but a return to sleep after she wakes is not guaranteed. This stretch is helping to keep me from sleep deprived mood issues, but every so often the lack of additional sleep catches up with me and I crash on the sofa with LT on my chest post-feed while LO watches TV.

Not exactly sure how much LT currently weighs or how long she is (8lb 6oz & 21+" at the 1 month visit), but she's on the verge of being too big for many of the newborn size sleepers, and when the stock of newborn diapers runs out in the next few days she'll move into the size 1's. Wah!

LT is 100% still in the 4th trimester sleep/eat/awake for a bit/sleep/and so forth cycle. When she wakes up though, she's a total grumpuss until she's fed. She's also happiest when toasty warm - being held, or swaddled with a hat on her head and a blanket over the swaddle. She's not a huge fan of the car seat until the car is moving and we've had varied results with the swing, bouncer, rock & play, and pack & play. She also puts up an initial fuss to the Infantino mei tei carrier (new for this go round) but mostly falls asleep once she gets all warmed up. That helps with meeting both her need of being held and my desires to actually get some things done.

LO ranges from trying to be helpful, especially when LT is fussing, to being frustrated at the division of my attention between the two of them. I can absolutely understand the latter, it must feel awful going from getting all the attention to getting much much less, especially when it's because of things outside your control. In addition this month we moved LO from 3 to 5 half days of preschool so she's also lost those two mornings of time we previously spent together. I'm trying to come up with fun activities we can do a couple afternoons each week, with LT tagging along, so LO doesn't feel completely rejected, but LT's feeding/attention needs sometimes do get in the way. I'm also trying not to make it a habit to rely on LO's willingness to be helpful - she's not a third parent after all!

Anyway, that's where we are now. Send milk thoughts!

*Related: I've managed to get the sticky parts of the nursing pads stuck to my nipples more times than I want to admit. Double ouch!