Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where am I?

Blue screen of death on work pc so internet use is limited to boss's computer.

Send good thoughts for resuscitation as purchasing a new CPU is not in the budget. (Neither is repair, but you gotta do, right?) Need to check but I think the external hard drive backed-up as scheduled last Monday. Learned that lesson the last time the hard drive crashed. That means only a weeks worth of work may have been lost. I'm hoping that the email files have been saved, otherwise it's a good thing I've been killing trees by printing out all the most important ones.

Forgot to bring book to occupy time (optimism strikes again), and I am realizing just how much time I spend putzing on the internet every day. My personal laptop will be coming in with me tomorrow. For today, after I finish filing the prior fiscal year's paper work, there are some work-related errands I've been putting off so can run those after lunch - which should kill another hour or so.

In the meantime, I'll just amuse myself with the games my boss has downloaded, against my recommedation.


  1. Oh God, I would never make it through work with the interwebs. I remember I had a summer job when I was in college, prior to the PC-at-every-desk stage and definitely prior to the internet. It was a file clerk position where I finished the work in maybe an hour, but had an 8 hour shift. The crushing boredom of sitting there for the remaining 7 hours is something I'll never forget.

    Don't forget your book tomorrow! Prayers toward your sick PC! ;)

  2. Oh man, we had something like that happen once and I had to manually enter about 100 orders. Such a FUN use of five hours! Good luck with the errands, games, and books!