Tuesday, November 10, 2015

July to November - Busy Busy Busy

When last I posted LO had just turned 5 and LT was 7 months. LO is still 5, but LT is now 11 months.

What has happened in between?

-LO is enjoying Kindergarten. I met with her teacher last week for the Fall conference and the report was glowing (apart from a behavior issue appearing at both home and school for which time is likely the only resolution). She's currently displaying both DH's aptitude for numbers and my reading ability. Though the latter is something she prefers to display on her own terms and not upon request. 

-I had a birthday. It was exactly the kind of day I wanted and I received the things I had requested plus some extras. It was good in a very low key and non-expansive way.

-LT still has issues with stomach acid flushing back into her throat when she lays flat so continues on twice daily medication for that. She's usually compliant about taking it - I'm sure the strong sweet cherry flavor helps with that! At her 9 month appointment she was in the 90th percentile for both height and weight so it's not affecting her growth! She currently ranges between 12 and 18 month clothes, depending on how they are cut. Despite the 5 month different in their arrivals, LO's wardrobe has only needed minimal supplementation and/or updating to work.

-LT recently upgraded from taking one or two steps on her own with encouragement to walking short distances for her own purposes. She still favors crawling for speed, and puts on the after burners when she's trying to get away from us. With all the work she's been doing on walking, her language skills are not as advanced. Most sounds start with a B - it's a very versatile phonic! - volume and tone also serve to express her points, whatever they might be.

-We've been to the beach (aka parenting in an alternate location), LT and I joined friends at the local zoo, and to two different pumpkin patches. The last activity, included once as a family, and once as a Kindergarten field trip on a cold and damp overcast day. It was not the magical experience it could have been.

-LT is a good eater and enjoys many solid foods. Her tooth count stands at 6 - 4 up and 2 down. She continues to nurse enthusiastically and has started the (not so) charming activity of grabbing at the front of my shirt when she would like a drink. LO is also teething, 2 of her front adult teeth have come in without the baby teeth of the same location departing her mouth. Their eruption and consequent moving of the baby teeth is causing LO pain as she uses those teeth for eating. Two of her six year molars have also arrived. They have been much less problematic.

That's all for now, must go get LO from Kindergarten.

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