Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Months (LT)

Bullets b/c taking advantage of happy baby in exersaucer...
  • Exersaucer: Didn't have one for LO, though we used one lent to the owners when I went into the office to work. We got one for LT a month ago and it was not a hit, but now she will happily spend 5-10 minutes in it, and we're about to need to bump up the legs to the middle height. Right now her favorite part are the tags on a fabric section. What's with babies & tags?!
  • Weight: Rough weighed LT on Sunday and she clocked in at right around 17 pounds. I knew she was a chunk but that is some serious heft.
  • Size: And explains with her length why she's comfortably into 9 month clothing already.
  • Food: Still getting just breast milk and that 4oz bottle of formula before bed.
  • Sleep: She's hit a sleep regression recently to my dismay. The 5-6 hour stretches I had been counting on to keep my own sleep levels healthy have been replaced by 2-3 hour stretches with brief wakings for a quick snack in-between. 
  • Coffee: = my new best friend. We' The local starbucks now knows my order & has a nickname for me. I also signed up for auto-reload on the Starbucks card. La la la la, I don't want to know how much I'm spending to be able to function!
  • I splurged on an Ergo (well, as much of a splurge as using accumulated gift cards for most of it can be) because the Bjorn was killing my back. Why didn't I spend this money sooner?! So easy to get on, LT is usually happy in it, my back doesn't kill me after 10 minutes, easy to grocery shops and do other errands in vs. using the bucket when LT is awake. Am now a convert!
  • LO alternates between being extremely helpful without prompting and throwing huge pissy tantrums at being asked to do the simplest of things. I am assured that at 5yr 2wk there will be a massive improvement.  I really hope so because DH and I are about done with her lack of respect and blatant disobedience. Usually at times when we have our hands full dealing with Regan and she knows she can get away with it. Too smart for her own good, that one!
  • Whoops, time's up. Hope your Mother's Day was better than your expectations.

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  1. Can you believe how fast time is passing? Glad to hear LT is thriving and, by the sounds of it keeping you busy busy! Never been a Starbucks fan but I'll sup a flat white ay the local cafe.