Friday, June 19, 2015

6 months - ouch!

My aching back, and arms, & shoulders.

Dear God, this child always wanting to be held or carried is breaking me!

At the 6 month appt LT was 26.5" and 17.5lbs. Length, height & head circumference all placed her right around the 75th percentile.

Sleep is better-ish...I generally get about 2 good nights where she sleeps on her own with one or two brief wakings and then one night where she will not settle unless I pull her into bed with me and let her nurse to her tummy's content. Confession: she's still sleeping in the rock &play since I haven't been brave or well rested enough to make the transition back to the crib. I'm sure that will be coming soon. Wish me luck!

Naps, however, are a crap shoot. The first happens between 2-3 hours after waking, after that it depends on the day and what else is going on. Oh, and that thing about 2nd kids sleeping through anything? It's a big fat lie!!! LO was a much better napper - in terms of location and duration. LT still only naps on my lap or in her car seat & transitions do. not. happen. ever. I'm betting that is related to her lack of crib sleeping at night.

At 6 months and 10 days LT broke through her first tooth.  The second popped through 2 days later. Many others are lined up...yikes!

I started solids the weekend after LT hit 6 months. Tonight she finished off a 3.5 ounce pouch and was whining for more. Off to see if Amazon sells them cheaper!


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  1. Wow, it's been ages since this happened, and I forgot to come back to comment. i hope you're all well.
    Have things gotten easier by now? Is mobility complicating everything? Tell me the sleep has gotten loads better.
    I miss you. I frgot my Twitter password, so can't keep up with you there. Come over to instagram, and we can catch up. :-)