Thursday, March 30, 2017

Greetings from Busytown

Oh, hi there. How you doing?

It's been busy around here.

R1 is 6 now and taking 1st grade by storm. She lucked out and ended up with the gifted and talented teacher when we transferred from the private Kindergarten to public school. This week she's been doing the testing to be in the G&T class next year. She keeps busy with various activities, swim team over the summer, and recently started an introduction to gymnastics class that she is enjoying. We are having some testing done to help figure out whether some ongoing issues she is having are limited to anxiety, or are something bigger. Either way having something to actively treat or explain why should help all of us, and her education as she moves forward.

R2 is 2 and started half day preschool two days a week at the beginning of February. She occasionally gets weepy about Mommy not being around, but otherwise enjoys her time and adores one of the teachers. She does her best to keep up with R1, and many times has more success than I anticipate. I finally weaned her the night after her second birthday. Cold turkey for naps, bedtime, and overnight. It was literally more painful for me to deal with the engorgement issues than to make the decision that it was time to stop, and R2 barely put up any resistance. Perhaps she was ready to move on as well. In any case, sleep for both of us has mostly improved since then.

We added a new cat to our house in February when she showed up on our back deck looking for food. For a free cat, the expenses have added up quickly, but she's very tolerant of the overly effusive expressions of adoration shown by both girls.

As for me, there's a never ending stream of laundry and the people and animals I live with expect to be fed on a regular basis, so keeping up with those things along with regular errands and doctor visits and such keeps me running around most days. My expectation that R2 starting preschool would give me some time to relax was quickly proven false, but I try to find quiet time when I can carve it out.

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