Sunday, February 21, 2016

Quarterly-Ish Update

LT turned 1 in December. Since then she has learned to run, has sprouted more and more teeth, and had her first ear infection with antibiotics. Reflux remains an issue - though the Pediatric GI consult said that the final cut off is 18 months. After that, it's a concern. She wakes me up anywhere from 3-4AM for a top up feeding. Yes, she is still nursing, and I've been co-sleeping with her after that wake-up for months.

LO continues to enjoy Kindergarten, is reading like a champ, will happily occupy herself with a book or 3 without prompting. She is, however, starting to exhibit some anxiety/perfectionistic tendencies which need to be addressed before she moves out of the smaller, more personal class in her private kindergarten into public school. As LT gets bigger LO enjoys playing with her, though it also leads to more conflict!

I started Lexapro in the fall. With it I'm a much less volatile parent, though still feel overwhelmed with life on most days. It feels like a treadmill that's set fast enough that I'm just barely able to keep up and hang on, but not able to catch up much less get ahead. I'm sure continuous sleep deprivation is not helping one little bit.

Christmas was good.  Family came to us and both sets of Grandparents spent the night and were around for the events of the morning. There were no spectacular gifts but everyone seemed to be satisfied with what they received.

The past two weeks have been awful. Simply awful. Our dog died in her sleep on the 7th. She was 13.5, had exceeded life expectancy for her breed, and had had a good day without any indication that anything was wrong. Today (2/20) we had to put our younger cat down. We thought she was mourning the dog, but it turns out her kidneys had given up the ghost. Which leaves us with one cat, the neurotic one who will likely drive us to once again replace the lost cat before we are ready because of his inability to be happy as an only kitty.

And that's the news from here.

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