Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Your Questions Answered, Part 3

The ongoing attempt to distract myself from the negative side of life...*

(Prior answers can be found here: Original Post, Part 1, Part 2)

Today's question came from the fabulous (and fabulously knocked up) Jen at "Maybe if you Just Relax."

She says: Here is a blog topic for you - Crocs: Friend or Foe? You're welcome.

Thanks Jen! To be honest, I'm almost always honest (but I digress), until this question was asked I did not have a firm opinion on Crocs.

And I've found myself pondering this question far more than a silly rubber shoe should probably deserve. Now I'm sure you are thinking "silly", Aha!, she doesn't like Crocs. However, I use silly deliberately because they are silly, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Until recently the only Crocs (and knockoff's) I'd been exposed to were the original clunky, open holed, duck-foot making beach or cayman models. Think Mario Batali on Iron Chef America and his signature orange shoes! This weekend while watching the mens and womens beach volleyball tournaments (sponsored by Crocs, who knew!) I was exposed to some models I wouldn't have expected...the cyprus model for one, the sassari for another...Crocs comfort in a cute slide heel? Either of those models would be sassy peeking out of a pair of long jeans or with a flippy sundress.

Even so, I hate to see them on little kids (I know, they are supposedly comfortable, but since I haven't worn them myself, I question the support...not that kids shoes have a lot of support, like they should, but that's another rant for another time). They aren't as cute as little pairs of Stride Rite brown fishermen style sandals for boys and white summer sandals for girls, and there have been so many reports of injury on escalators. On adults, Crocs with shorts and socks make me die just a little bit inside (sorry Mario!).

And then there's the issue of whether they make any that fit my undersized foot without having to go into the kids sizes. It's rough finding shoes when you wear a size smaller than most adult shoe manufactures lines start. (Have I ever touched on how bitter shoe shopping makes me? It's not a pretty thing to witness.) And I don't think you want me to launch into a detailed description on the effect jelly shoes had on my feet in the 80's, do you? As Crocs are not natural, I'm a little afraid the same effects would occur.

The answer I've come to in my deliberations is that Crocs are neither Friend nor Foe, they just are. In certain situations and occupations, they seem very appropriate. In others, not so much. Until I've had a chance to experience them for myself, I can't really form an opinion.

What do you think? Are Crocs the most comfortable shoes you have forgotten how to live without? Or are Crocs the most horrible things to which you have ever been exposed?

*Negative = looking at having to go to the next level of treatment which means starting shots instead of Clomid to force ovulation (so much for ovulating on my own) in the next cycle, unless cross-your-fingers, this last round of Clomid and timing does the trick.
Negative = a year and a half of TTC with nothing to show for it but medical bills.
Negative = a serious lack of prospects at work so I'm spending too much time on the internet and still feeling bored out of my skull.
Negative = feeling like time is passing me by without my having the chance to move forward.

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  1. Well, I hate Crocs. HATE!
    Thank you for answering this question. :)