Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Hair Off

About 8-9 months ago I switched hair dressers. My hair seems to need a change of cut/style on a regular basis to keep looking its best. Don't get me wrong, I loved the vibe at my old salon, but I knew a little too much about my hair dresser and yet I wasn't close enough to say "you brought this on yourself." I got tired of biting my tongue when he complained about the issues in his life.

So I followed one of DH's then coworkers to her salon and hair dresser. And so far I have no complaints. (Any issues I've brought on myself...for future reference, never go to an unknown hair dresser, even if they are at the same salon, right before an important event if you want your hair to look good for more than the night. Trust me on this.) In fact, I would say the woman I'm going to now is pretty fabulous. Listens to my hair, listens to me, but puts more weight on the hair. I trust her to not cut my hair in a style that's not going to work for my hair or lifestyle, even if I really love the look.

Yesterday evening she did it again. Took my hair from limp and pathetic layers (she cut them, but they didn't work the way she & I thought) to a tres chic blunt cut bob which should grow out clean.

Of course, now that my hair looks really good, I'm noticing that my eyebrows could stand some shaping. I've always gone for the more natural/thicker Brooke Shields look, but I'm thinking it's time to go a little sleeker/more polished. Now I just need to find someone I trust to help with the transformation, because if left to my own plucking, there's no telling how bad it could get.

So, let me pick your brains... How did you transform your brows from full to sleek? Go to a salon? Trust a friend? DIY? Help a not-so-girly-girl out here!


  1. Ha ha! My eyebrows have been a work in progress for 13 years. I went to a salon for my first wax and then kept them up by plucking them.

  2. I say leave the brows to the pros. A mess up on the brows can be serious.
    I agree with previous post - go for the wax, then keep the shape up with plucking.