Thursday, May 8, 2008


Is anyone else as bored by this infertility/pregnancy focus as I am? Because to me it feels like it's been going on forever (And ever. Amen.) with no forward progress. *

I wish I could flip a switch and turn off the mean voice in my head that says things like: "You're not getting any younger, why did you wait so long to start trying?" "Are you sure you timed everything properly?" "(Day 32) You're pregnant. (Day 33/1) Just kidding!" "Why didn't you do more research on the Depo?" "It's never going to happen."

I'd even like to silence the more hopeful one that sneaks in little thoughts like: "You could be." "Maybe this will be the month." (there aren't so many of these, and they are quickly silenced by the mean voice)

It would help to have something else to focus on, I hope.

So, do you have any questions I could answer for you? About me, or anything on which you happen to desire an answer (though I must admit the realm of nuclear physics is a bit beyond my grasp). I can be your very own personal Magic Eight Ball. But better.

*And by forward progress I mean either pregnancy or some plan of action that actually includes action and not just waiting to see if things happen naturally now that I appear to be ovulating on my own again.


  1. 1) What's your favorite place/city in the world and why?

    2) If time travel were a reality, what period in history would you choose to visit and why?

  2. Here is a blog topic for you - Crocs: Friend or Foe?
    You're welcome.

  3. what are your favorite moments?