Sunday, September 25, 2011

Questionable Cycles (Updated)

Since I don't wish to share this with the wider world, lets just keep this between us (online) friends, okay?

When my period returned after Little One self-weaned, my first few cycles were spot on (no pun intended) 28 days. Last Monday was day #28. I don't like myself on BCP, so DH and I have been consistently using condoms for every episode of (ahem) relations, none of which have appeared to fail at any time. (Do I really need to say that DH is the only one I've been with?)

So, the question is, do I POAS Monday AM since I'm going on a week overdue, or do I keep waiting it out? Edit: Make that Tuesday since Little One woke up early while DH was still in the bathroom. Does it make me a bad wife for not discussing this with him, or practical for not making it an issue until it needs to be?

Whether the results are positive or negative there are plenty of reasons to freak out. I mean really, after all the trouble we went through to conceive Little One how ironic would it be to be in the small % of those who use condoms correctly and still get pregnant? And DH really isn't up to having a 2nd child right now*. On the other hand, negative could mean that my body is starting down the road to cessation of reproductive ability so ... that would just plain suck.

It's not like I'd be going out to buy some new since I still have two left from a three pack (the first was Little One's positive), and they do expire in October. Throwing them away with pee on them isn't much different from tossing them unused, right? Right?

Oh Lordy. I never thought that the possibility could be so stressful.

*We are to re-discuss in December/January. Insert a tome of various concerns and worries in this spot. Gah.


  1. ya.. my last few had been in the 30ish days... and this last one was something crazy like 48. I kept putting it off "if I don't have it by xxx I'll test" (knowing I'd have to go to the store and buy the test with a baby...). Well, problem solved, as of 3 days ago... yea... sorta :( I say take one Monday, and then maybe Friday?

  2. If nothing else, the HPT will likely bring on AF and put you out of your misery.

    Stress can delay a period, and it sounds like you have had a bit of stress lately. AF will likely arrive soon, now that the stressful event is overwith.

    If it were me, I would probably keep putting it off. That is what I have done in the past. One time, all it took was buying the damn HPT, and AF arrived. I could not believe I wasted the money!

    We are actually thinking of a similar time line try for our second child! Neither one of us wants to go for a second child right now, either.

  3. Test. At least you'll know what's what.
    I've also been experincing frustrating delays with my period. God knows why. Perhaps it's the nursing hormones or the stars alignment or my body's gone wonky or it likes to mock me, since I do want to be pregnant. Last time it came one week later, bloody fool (pun intended).
    You have to admit though that you being pregnant right now would redefine the meaning of ironic. Still, if nothing was suspicious in the first place, than it's most probably just a temporary delay.
    Do keep us updated.

  4. Test for sure. Better to pee on those sticks rather than throw them away unused. And then you can relax on the whole knowing/not knowing thing. If you're preggers, it's a blessing and there's nothing that can be done about it but celebrate. If you're not? Shrug and chalk it up to Aunt Flo's innate contrariness.