Friday, May 28, 2010

Reuse to Reduce

Three injection based IUI's and three injection based IVF medication cycles add up to quite a few boxes of refrigerated drugs being shipped via FedEx.

And in those boxes with the drugs were always 2-3, if not 4-5 reusable freezer packs. (Along with Styrofoam liners, hazmat boxes, needles, and so on and so forth.)

While the boxes got recycled, the Styrofoam liners were tossed, and the freezer packs went directly into the freezer. Since then, they have been actually quite useful in our cooler when traveling to various locations since they are small enough to fit between items and thin enough to fit on top of items and so on.

This week I discovered another use.

Wrapped in a dishtowel, one of the freezer packs makes an excellent coolant for my overfilled ankle and aggravated shin. If nothing else, the coolness feels really good, but I do think it helps to reduce the swelling (and related shin pain thanks to walking funny due to the swelling)!

So there you have it: reusing to reduce.

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  1. I love it!
    IVF = the gift that keeps on giving. LOL.