Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Personal Record Setting

Just a warning - bodily fluids will be mentioned....

Last night was a record setter for me. I visited the potty 5 times from the time I started getting ready for bed to when I got up in the morning and started the morning routine. Usually it's 3 times. Here's the schedule:

1) Go before getting ready for bed. This is standard.

2) Go again before getting into bed. This is not standard

3) Go a couple hours later. This is standard.

4) Go another couple hours later. This is not standard.

5) Go first thing after getting up. This is standard.

It was kinda freaky. Guess that means I did a pretty good job of hydrating myself yesterday. Phew.

Yes, I'm aware that excess thirstiness and urination are signs of the diabeetus. But I don't recall being particularly thirsty or drinking so much yesterday. I was kinda hoping it was my body flushing the swelling in my feet (yes, both are swollen, the left still moreso than the right), but no such luck.


  1. I've noticed and increase in trips to the loo n the last week or so. I have also upped my intake of water (but only because Britain got the memo that it's nearly summer). I'm on 4 trips at the moment.
    Fingers crossed for us both that it's not the big GD and that it's just one more thing we have put up with being at the stage we are!

  2. If it makes you feel better, I pee'd 29 times yesterday. Yes. I counted. I'm weird like that. I hate pee'ing so much - it's annoying ... and I feel like I'm going to get some freaky rash on my whoo-ha from all of the wiping.

    Pee'ing is not only a sign of diabetes but also a healthy happy pregnant bladder :) so don't worry little one!

  3. Erm, with the GD and all, I go hover over the toilet countless times during the day but none at night. I sleep all night without having to go to the loo! Which is weird, but I am sooooo not complaining. The thirst could be a result of the slight increase of salt in your food?

    Don't worry too much about GD, it's not the end of the world if you have it. But I am pretty sure you DON'T have it.

    And you know, I have always drunken a lot of water (3 l minimum per day) and went a lot to the loo, and got tested for diabetes, because everyone (who was not a doctor) was absolutely sure I had it. And nope, I did not have it. And having GD does not mean I will eventually have diabetes later on. I just have a higher risk. Natch!

    Hope your swelling goes away soon!