Tuesday, June 1, 2010

28 Week Update

12 Weeks to Go...

This weekend (among many other projects) DH took down the bed that was in the nursery, and I taped the trim and 2 corners so that when he is ready to paint it will be ready. DH also moved one of the current dressers across the room and put the crib roughly where it's going to go. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was coming along nicely! I did track down an ottoman and was able to pick that up last Wednesday at a different Babies R Us than the one where DH purchased the glider; at the same time I made a quick stop at the Old Navy across the street and found a cute denim skirt to add to my wardrobe (I'd link to it, but it's no longer on their website). And I got to take advantage of something I've long envied: Expectant mother parking at the mall! That was pretty damn sweet especially since my foot was swollen and my legs were hurting, and I still had to fight my way back to the hometown through rush-hour traffic and then several more errands to run before I could get home.

In belly news, it became apparent last week that I've done some growing as my maternity shorts no longer have that extra bit of room in the waist, and part of the elastic waistband may or may not now be showing under the very bottom of my t-shirts. At least the waistbands are color-matched! And thankfully I still have yet to pop any stretch marks. Don't know if it's genetics or faithfully lotioning myself up after every shower, but I'm grateful. I do find myself underestimating the reach of the belly - places and things I used to be able to pass without issue I'm now brushing up against, much to my regular surprise.

The Little One has now added pushing against my lower ribs to her list of activities. It's mostly when I'm sitting at work, and I am usually able to redirect her actions to a less distracting location. Her preferred position still seems to be hanging out on the right side, facing left, as I can usually feel a good long stretch of back at that location with the occasional bulge for head or butt (who can distinguish between the two with so many layers between?).

I did have my first dream about giving birth over the weekend. We had watched "Legion" (interesting, very interesting) that evening, so I'm glad it was a birth dream and not something worse. Especially since in the dream I went into labor and gave birth within oh, half an hour or so, with minimal pain and pushing, and was back to a flat belly in a day or two. I'm certainly not expecting that in real life!

If a good fairy or genie were to suddenly pop up and offer me one wish, I would wish for a housekeeper to take over cooking and cleaning for the next 6 months. It would be such a treat to not have to worry about what I am going to make for dinner when all I want to do is sit down and put my feet up. And to have someone else to scrub the shower, pure bliss! And, of course, vacuuming. I'm not really greedy, I just would love to not have to deal with such things for the next few months and have time post-birth to settle in with baby before having to pick up those responsibilities again. What would you wish for?


  1. I'd wish for it to be the end of June so that I don't have to keep Baby a secret anymore.

    I would also wish for my Masters to be magically finished for me. Do. Not. Want. To. Work.

  2. Welcome to the 3rd trimester. ;-)
    What does your doc say about your ankle? I thought it was supposed to swell down by now, not remain the same.
    Hired help sounds fine in theory, but you often discover that no one cleans up better than you do. Even with the extra details given to the hired help, there will still be things for you to fix afterwards. But fixing is better than doing it all by yourself...