Friday, May 7, 2010

Netflix Miss

If you happen to like Ryan Reynolds*, Justin Long and Dane Cook and think a movie with all three couldn't be anything but funny, well, I'm afraid you'd be wrong. DH and I attempted to watch Waiting last night and only made it to about 15 minutes in. Perhaps if I'd had a drink or two it would have been funnier? I dunno, and with no way to test that theory, back to Netflix it went this morning.

But it could be our sense of humor which is off since we haven't been able to sit through any of Will Ferrell's movies except Stranger Than Fiction. Just.Can't.Do.It. I know, there are people who die laughing at Mr. Ferrell, I'm just not one of them.

*I definitely have a thing for Ryan Reynolds. Actually it's pretty much all about his abs. Especially those down near his waistband. Drool. This picture is from Blade: Trinity.


  1. (((the "do me" muscles)))

    Will Ferrell's not quite my style either. I prefer witty humor rather than slapstick, but it doesn't really seem to be all that popular when it comes to comedies.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE "Waiting"! Such a funny movie!!!

  3. I think I am with you. I am not a Will Ferrell fan, either. I only tried to watch a couple of his films, and was not that impressed.

  4. I am not in the Ferrell camp either.
    And it really surprises me how even against the best recipes and ingredients, movie guys manage to miss a sure hit. Well, 'atz life...

  5. I am a huge Farrell fan. My wife LOVES Ryan Reynolds. It's not fair that a man can be so funny and so attractive at the same time.

    Like your blog. I may have to be back.