Tuesday, May 11, 2010

25 Week Update

25 Weeks?!? Really?!?! That means only 15 weeks until the estimated due date. Screw the old panic about decorating the nursery, and cue new panic at what the heck I'm supposed to do with a newborn. As for birthing this baby - la, la, la, la I CAN'T hear you!

The getting bigger. I'm still doing it. Only now it's starting to bother me. It's just that ever since I lost the 25 pounds I picked up in college thanks to pizza at midnight or later and regular alcohol consumption once I became "of age," I've been maintaining (some times it took more work than others) in the same 10 pound range for a while now and watching the scale creeping upwards, past even my highest IF drug weight makes me feel a bit like I've lost the war. I KNOW it's all for a good cause, it's just hard to see those numbers. [insert your own joke about the belly obscuring the scale read out ::here::] I'm not going to do anything crazy like change my eating habits since I actually feel like I'm doing okay there, but I think I am going to have to banish the scale, just for my own peace of mind. I never thought those numbers mattered as much as they apparently do even though I (mostly) otherwise feel healthy enough. So for my own sanity, from now on I'm vowing to not step on a scale except at the doctor's office - and we all know those scales are off, so those numbers don't count. Right? Right.

Nothing new to report with the nursery - though I did have the thought that since DH and I both had studio shots done at age 4-5, it might be fun to hang a triptych of pictures in matching frames over the crib with DH's picture on one side, mine on the other, and picture(s) of Little One [as she will apparently be known on here] in the middle. This weekend, in addition to participating in the community yard sale at the butt-crack of dawn on Saturday morning, DH and I must hit Babies R Us to check out the gliders since we really need to get one on order or purchased and that's the only local-ish store which reportedly has any sort of decent selection.

It's also getting down to crunch time on bulking up the registries. As of now there have been -3- offers for showers made to my mother and mother-in-law, so it only makes sense to let people know what we would prefer, even if they decide to go their own way. I'm not bragging (too much), but I am very grateful so many people are as excited as we are. Plus, this baby comes at a lull between weddings and other babies, so I can credit that as well. I'm just not sure when all of these are going to happen in the next 15 weeks. Gulp.

On the TMI side - hemorrhoids - I think I has one. WTF is up with that?

Sleep. I took a nap on Friday after work, and on Saturday. The Saturday one screwed me up badly. I couldn't seem to shake it off afterwords and that feeling persisted into Sunday. Though part of that may have been the couch where I took the nap was actually more comfortable than the bed where we were sleeping. Weird Fact: For some reason I cannot nap in bed in a darkened room as it actually makes me more alert, but let me stretch out on a couch with the TV going and sunlight pouring in and a comfortable blanket and I'll go out. It's very strange, and means that when DH and I both nap, it is in separate locations! On the other hand, I can't go to sleep for the night without a darkened room and quiet or white noise.


We spent Mother's Day weekend at the in-laws house on the North Carolina Outer Banks. We gifted the MIL with our presence and two cards and she still had a bit of a hissy fit that we hadn't gotten her anything (in comparison, BIL neither sent a card nor came for the weekend, but his poor behavior is excused). Poor DH had to withstand that while I was cleaning our bathroom/packing up our stuff. I certainly got the better part of that time frame. The more of this I see, the more grateful I am that my parents did not make a big deal of Mother's and Father's Days. Sure, they appreciate a card, but there's no drama associated with unmet expectations. And it's also helped me to not be crushed the past few years as IF rode my back.

DH was sweet enough to get me a card from himself, and one from the Little One thanking me for putting up with her kicking and supplying her with bacon cheeseburgers which was plenty as I'd told him I didn't want anything for Mother's Day. Just that lingering sense of the potential to jinx things left over from the days of hoping for something to work.

The weekend ended with DH mowing the grass and my cleaning our bathroom after we returned home. It's such a glamorous life we lead!


  1. Oh, yeah, glamour pouring down every pore. I know precisely what you are talking about. ;-)))

    But I just luuuurve it. Really. Nothing extraordinary (except for the baby growing and all) makes my life extraordinary.

    And you gotta work better on your napping. Napping is bliss, once you do it properly. So get to it.

  2. Pregnancy weight gain is not real weight gain, trust me. In the mad early postpartum days most of that weight escapes in various unsavory ways...

  3. Hi Blanche,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about my dad. I appreciate the sentiment.

    I am 25 weeks too - exactly the same day. And I'm having a girl (99% probable, according to the last scan). We have banned pink purchases by anyone save the grandparents! :)