Tuesday, May 4, 2010

24 Week Update

Bullets for the lazy:
-Vacuuming. Apparently the little one is either highly in favor or highly objects to such activity. Both Saturday and Sunday she was obviously active while I was running the vacuum, which is odd because I rarely feel her moving around while I am active. But on Sunday she actually kicked or elbowed me hard enough while I was vacuuming to move my reaction beyond 'hey, I can feel her' to 'whoa. I can FEEL her.'

-Additional Movement. Hello dear, why are you kicking my cervix? Please find another location to practice your motor skills, thankyouverymuch! I don't believe you are quite ready yet to make your debut...even if you are technically viable at this point.

-Shopping. With my mother on Friday - managed to find 3 more tops, a pair of knit shorts for the weekend, a bra (nursing but still underwire...one size up in the band makes a world of breathing difference even if the cup size is equivalent), and a light-weight knit zip-front hoodie thing for those cooler mornings/evenings; and all at one store. Motherhood. Was disappointed in the khaki skirt selection and fit of the black capri pants, so will have to keep searching for those two essentials of my summer wardrobe elsewhere. I am contemplating going back to Penney's and getting a second pair of the shorts I bought last week, but in black.

-Blankets, Quilts & a Layette. Mine. Saved and brought by my Mother. Some made by hand, some machine made, but all washable! Made me tear up just a little bit. Will be so very useful in later fall and winter. The layette has booties, hat, sweater & a blanket. Still waiting for the transfer of a wonderful multi-texture crazy quilt made by my aunt which will be perfect for tummy time.

-Humidity. Bad. So. So. So. Very. Very. Bad. Especially when combined with heat. And this is nothing compared to what August is going to bring. Thank God for efficient air conditioning.

-Crib. Arrived on Friday as promised. I highly recommend the site where we purchased it - cymax.com - great prices, free FedEx Ground shipping (at least when we ordered, I don't know if it's a standard thing or not), fast delivery on in-stock items. DH and I set it up on Saturday morning after quite a few trips to move additional items from the bedroom/nursery on the 2nd floor to the basement. At least all the weight was going down and not coming up! But my quads. I felt the burn! I can't wait to see it with a mattress (yet to be ordered but most likely the foam Colgate Classica I) and the bedding against the painted wall! Only negative - the directions could have been a titch more clear. But even so, it went together with only a couple of stops and subsequent corrections to parts and hardware placement. Overall, it probably took a little over an hour. (Thoughts after re-reading this paragraph: Crap! What comforter or quilt am I going to use on the twin bed? I've got plenty of options, but I don't think any of them match or complement the crib bedding. Okay, just another thing to add to the list.)

-Homemade Granola. Yum. I am now eating it every morning for breakfast. It's an excellent source of fiber to keep constipation and hunger at bay and so much tastier and cheaper than the stuff you buy in a box at the grocery store. Am willing to share the (circa 1977) recipe with anyone who is interested!

-Cramping Calves. Ouchies! Only in bed, usually after the mid-night pee trip or closer to the morning, and caused by attempting to fully stretch out my legs with a pointed toe. Thankfully, so far relieved by pulling the top of my foot towards my shin, stretching out the calf muscle. Not sure why this is happening, my almost daily banana habit should be keeping my potassium levels up nicely.

-Ongoing hormonal-ness. Started to tear up looking at the Mother's Day cards in Target. I'm sure I made some funny faces trying to keep them at bay.

-Random thing. When I am upright either standing or walking for an extended period of time I start to feel swollen and pressure in the lady bits and it gets a bit uncomfortable. Any ideas why this would happen or if it's something I should bring up at the next OB visit?


  1. I'd rather say she does not like the vacuuming.
    Bubs doesn't like me using the the blender, for example. I guess they get scared...
    But isn't the kicking awesome? Even if at times it happens at weird times, like when driving, not quite the best timing, IMO, but hey, I take whatever I am given. ;-)

  2. Ahhh the cervix kicks...just wait until she's head-down and starts head-butting you there. Magical fun!

  3. Not sure if I ever mentioned this to you - but do you have a Ross Dress for Less in your town? If so, I saw those *exact* same shorts that you were looking to buy at JC Penny's at Ross in the maternity section - for $8.99. I would have bought them for myself but I have short legs and they come past my knees and I look silly :)