Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Done For Another Year

Gotta love an early morning appointment - in and out in a little less than an hour. AND only one pregnant belly (with accompanying later-elementary school age kids) in the waiting room as I was leaving. Of course, it couldn't go completely smoothly - but I guess when someone is just under one trimester and has been spotting for 3 days, that does take precedence over little old me - and at least that didn't set my appointment back too much and I had learned my lesson last year and brought a book to entertain myself so I wasn't waiting impatiently imagining the hands moving around the clock.

The biggest shock - as I was getting ready to leave he called me by a nickname a very short list of people are allowed to use. My high school best friend's father, my grandmother, and my father-in-law are the only ones I allow to call me that without invisible flaming daggers flying from my eyes. Fortunately for him he was not in front of me, so he got neither the flaming daggers nor the polite reprimand I use for such occasions. It's a fine name, it's just SO NOT ME. (Think a Jennifer being called Jenny when she never goes by it. Okay for others, but not how she wants to be known.)

He suggested I get a cholesterol test - apparently there have been correlations between high cholesterol and hypertension in pregnancy - so I'm thinking about that, and he made some recommendations for a primary care physician as I don't really have one since a couple of years ago mine started this executive health clinic where wealthy businessmen can get themselves checked out in a fancy one stop shop, and I didn't want to pay the yearly thousands to stick with him. Guess it's a good thing I haven't gotten sick, but he's right, I need to get in with one so I have that contact if there is an issue. It would be the adult thing to do. Sigh.

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  1. Being an adult stinks. I'm sorry you had/have to do the non-fun checkups. Hopefully 2010 will be your year!