Monday, October 12, 2009

The Yearly Exam Cometh

I used to dread this appointment and the related embarrassment of having someone you only see once a year looking at something few others have seen up close and personal. Not anymore. It's just another morning in the stirrups.

Now I dread the waiting room. It doesn't seem to matter what time my appointment is, I know the waiting room is going to be full of pregnant bellies. Pregnancies that were unexpected, pregnancies that were easy to come by, even planned pregnancies, and possibly some unwanted pregnancies as well.

Last year, if you will recall, the appointment took 1.5 hours from arrival to departure. If you don't (and I don't blame you, I don't want to remember it either) you can read all about it here.

This years appointment didn't take on any real significance until the news of two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I was hoping to be able to finagle an ultrasound and possibly hear an early heartbeat at this appointment.

This week I'm going in on the very tail end of an early miscarriage.

I know it's too much to ask for a baby/pregnancy free waiting room at an ob/gyn's office, but it sure would be kind for those of us who suffer at the sight of a stranger's pregnant belly.


  1. That definitely sucks. I hope you get there and none of the pregnant women have the inclination to start complaining about anything pregnancy-related.

  2. I have always wished the deserving people in the world could have babies at will and the undeserving would magically be rendered sterile. Alas, this isn't my descision. I'm still traumatized from the sight of the pregnant girl in the bank drive-thru on Friday that looked like she was on meth and had a cigarette in her mouth while the teller did her transaction. That one really pissed me off.