Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7 Vials Lighter

That's how many it took for the assorted clotting and array of immunologic tests the RE ordered. I have to remember to call next week for the results.

On the good side, I had a cup of OJ waiting for me in the car - part of the breakfast I'd skipped in trying to get out the door extra early in order to get the blood work taken and to work in a reasonably timely manner. Even so, between waiting for the lab and sitting there while my blood was drained I still got to work half an hour late.

While my blood was being harvested, my cell buzzed - DH trying to call to let me know he may be in Texas through next Thursday. Boo! He left Sunday and thought he'd be coming back Friday or Saturday. So I'll be heading to the UPS store tomorrow to ship him some extra medication (as he'd taken enough for a couple days extra, but not enough for the better part of another week) - and I'll be sure to tuck in some other goodies - maybe a new DVD or two or some other thing to entertain him when he's not working the 12-hour shifts required by the project.

And in the meantime, I'll keep things running along at home - lawn mowing and bill paying and washing the dog, oh my!


  1. Wow, you had seven vials taken out and you skipped breakfast? I'd be facedown on the floor in hypoglycemic agony!

  2. It's not like I knew there were going to be so many, but probably better that I didn't know, otherwise I would have had time to build up to a good freak out ending up with my passing out in the chair and sliding to the floor. That would have meant getting to work even later.