Friday, September 25, 2009


(Bodily fluids mentioned for those who might be squeamish)

You'd think after 6 IUI, and one fresh transfer I would have seen everything. Apparently not.

Yesterday I saw some pink discharge. It must have started while I was at work, but seemed to have finished by the time I inserted the last prometrium capsule. And so far this morning, I've seen nothing similar.

Of course, (would these things happen any other way?) last night I also had a headache stretching from the base of my neck to my temples, so I didn't want to take anything for that until as I told DH, this either goes away or indicates the end of the cycle.

Those two tylenol I took before going to bed were super awesome.

Today, the RE's office tells me that it could be anything from implantation bleeding to break through bleeding, and it's perfectly normal.

Still, my fingers, toes, eyes, and intestines are going to be crossed until Tuesday.


  1. I'm praying for you that it's implantation bleeding! Also, whenever I've been on progesterone, I get pink and/or brown discharge, I think it's a pretty common side effect of progesterone. But I'm crossing my fingers big-time for you that it's more than a side effect!

  2. Also keeping fingers crossed for you! Hopefully it means good things.

  3. I hope like CRAZY that it's implantation bleeding. That would be super-awesome. I fully realize that this means I hope you'll be puking on a few weeks, but something tells me you won't mind at all :)