Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fluff & Nonsense

For you girls out there (women, if you prefer):

If you find a bra & panty set in a color/pattern you love, only the panty style/cut is not to your liking, what do you do? Your options are as follows...
  1. Get the bra and the panty and suck up the discomfort because you love the color/pattern.
  2. Get the bra and hope you can find a panty which complements it.
  3. Get neither and pout for the rest of the day (week, month, etc.) about the injustice of it all. there another option?


  1. I almost always do #2. For example, most of the bras I like at Vic.toria's Sec.ret are paired with thongs, which I don't really care for. I'll usually buy the bra and then look for a solid-colored bikini in the same material and dominant color. I am a big fan of matching ensembles, I'll rarely wear a mismatched set. It makes me feel pretty from the inside out! ;)

  2. I'm with NoodleGirl, I'd go with option number two.