Monday, September 28, 2009

IVF#2-FET #1 Countdown

You know how disappointed you get when you have plans to do something and have been looking forward to it, only to find out that you won't be able to do it, for whatever reason?

I had that feeling, and the accompanying ugly cry on Friday.

It's not something I can talk about right now, just know that DH and I had plans for this weekend which had to be discarded at the last minute thanks to some outside interference.

(Rereading that first sentence, I could be talking about the realization that baby-making wasn't going to be as easy as they tell you in health class. But been there, done that.)

Also, as a result of the plans being changed, I decided to not do a HPT before tomorrow's (Tuesday) beta.

If nothing else, it will leave me one more day of hope before knowing whether the transfer was successful or not.


  1. Oh, I know that feeling well. Much more pronounced since getting on the IF carousel -- everything needs to be planned with the precision of a submarine launch and if something goes wrong, I have a hard time rolling with the punches these days. There's so much bad news to take during IF, that I really hold on to the good things that are planned and it's really tough when they're taken away for whatever reason.

    I hope today is better for you and massive, massive amounts of SBVs for tomorrow's beta.

  2. Sorry to hear about this weekend, whatever it was that happened.

    I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and checking back here obsessively. Good luck!

  3. Planning is like a built-in quality for all infertile woman. It's just the way it is and when a plan doesnt go right we plan for the next plan. All this planning drives my friends & family nuts, but they don't know what it's like to not be able to control the one thing everyone else seems to take for granted (your body). Sorry your plan didnt unfold as you'd like but hopefully you'll have good news when the beta comes through. Good luck