Monday, August 10, 2009

Snazzy Title Belongs Here...

Oh Hi!

Did I forget to tell you about vacation? You know, that thing where you leave home for a week (or more for some extremely lucky people) and spend time with your family (spouse, close friends, in-laws, etc.) doing things you wouldn't normally do at home?

(Wait, no, I checked the last post up and I did mention it.)

Now that I've cleared all 100+ posts out of Google Reader and caught up on all of you, here's what we did:
  • Slept until 8AM (or later) every day. Can I just tell you that having my eyes open and brain semi-functioning around 6AM this morning was a horror?
  • Ate spaghetti for 2 and 3 dinners respectively. (I enjoyed a nice tray of supermarket blue crab sushi with Old Bay for the third dinner as there wasn't enough sauce for both of us. Darn.)
  • Lounged around and tanned/read in the sun while surviving being wind blown. (Yes I know tans are bad. Skin cancer is worse. Getting a referral to a dermatologist is on the to do list.)
  • Used sunblock in deference to concerns about sun damage. But not enough as evidenced by the few places I was burned. Let's just say that sitting was difficult for a few days. Oh yeah.
  • Installed a new storm door on the beach house. Very necessary since the existing door was old and creaky 8 years ago when the in-laws added onto the house and didn't replace it.
  • Ate out the few nights we skipped spaghetti or pizza. I had the best fish and chips ever at a restaurant that advertises 18 beers on tap. And coleslaw. I normally hate coleslaw but this stuff was awesome - tasted like cabbage and not the sauce.
  • Rode out on the jet ski with the pup (She sits in front of DH and her ears flop, flop, flop in the breeze.) to check out the boats pulling parasailers. It's so much fun to get the double-takes from the other boaters as the realize she's a dog.
  • Went to the grocery stores at least 5 times for little things.
  • Drove through foot deep water during a thunderstorm to go to a shoe store. For DH. Where he did not find shoes.
  • Went the next day to a different store in the same local chain where DH did find new water shoes to replace the ones he's complained about for 3 years. I DID NOT find any shoes in my size. I'm not bitter. Much. {Edit: Am taking revenge with an in depth search of ~ laughs evilly}
  • Isn't that enough?
  • {Edit: We also saw a pod of porpoise swimming by. That was pretty cool!}
(And yes, Miss Flo came to visit, thoughtfully arriving on the 1st of the month to aid my day counting. Still not sure how much time we're going to take before initiating a frozen cycle.)

Now also back at work - putting off doing things like writing payroll checks and paying invoices since blogging is so much more important! Better get some lunch and get back to the grind before the boss shows back up.


  1. Sounds like a fab vacation! Which beach???

  2. North Carolina's Outer Banks - the in-laws house is on the sound - we can see the bridge from our dock, but not vice versa. It's so awesome!

  3. Oh my gosh, that sounds like a dreamy vacation! Don't you love glimpsing wildlife? It always feels so thrilling, like a live-action Discovery channel!