Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Engorgement (or not)

Does anyone else gorge themselves on a band or a song until it becomes so annoying you never want to hear them again?

Often it starts with just one hearing or a partial hearing. The song speaks to you so much you can't wait for it to come back on the radio so you can figure out who sings it and the song title so you can get it for yourself. Once you do, you listen to it over and over, until you realize the water has gone all cold and slimy and it's not the same at all and you wouldn't get back in the bath if someone paid you.*

Most recently I did this with Death Cab for Cuties album, "Plans". Since then I've tried to be more conscious of how many times I'm listening to something, but you can't do anything about a song that plays over and over (and over again) on the radio (I'm looking at you Green Day and "21 Guns") except change the channel.

And even knowing this, I'm sorely tempted to put Sixx:AM's "Life is Beautiful" on repeat. But I know that if I do, I'll hate it after a while.

Wait, what does it say about me that I'm drawn to dark music like Death Cab and Sixx:AM along with the happier pop of Bare Naked Ladies and Jimmy Buffet? (At least I have music for all moods, huh?)

*Sorry for mixing gorging and bathing. Metaphor overload.


  1. I do this all the time! And then I am surprised I ever liked the song in the first place.

  2. Oh, I'm definitely guilty! I used to make mix tapes when I was younger of all one song, over and over and over! :)