Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I've Got Skillz

A reprised quote from DH on Sunday night: I'm not surprised anymore when you hurt yourself. I'm just surprised at the ways you find to hurt yourself.

This after I managed to stab myself in the thumb with the needle from the Menopur injection as I was recapping it before dropping the syringe into the haz-mat tub.

Of course, last night I managed to stab myself with the Follistim needle not once, not twice, but three times as I was attempting to cap it and remove it from the pen.

For those keeping track at home, that's 4 needle stabs in 24 hours. Over the number of injections I have done, I have only had 4 stabs total. (For the record I will no longer be recapping the syringe used for the Menopur injection. And I will be paying more attention to the way I put the cap on the Follistim needle - you need to put the cap back on for easiest removal of the needle.)

Oh yeah, I've got skills.

I've also got a medicine headache bouncing between my face and the base of my skull which refuses to leave even with acetaminophen on board. From experience, it will go away or I'll finally get acclimated to it about the day before I stop the meds. Joy.


  1. Ouch! You don't need any more needle sticks than already required! Take care!

  2. Oh man, I bet your fingertips felt GREAT after all those pokes!

    Bad news about the headaches, it's incredible how debilitating a headache can be, isn't it?