Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Batcheloretting It

That's what I'll be doing for the next few days.

DH is leaving this afternoon for a flying trip (literally and figuratively as he returns Friday around midnight) to the corporate office in CA. Somehow two work-hour equivalent days of travel for one meeting seems a little off ratio-wise.

As he'll be in the San Francisco area I've asked for a souvenir or two. Nothing fancy, a magnet in the shape of the golden gate bridge, and other touristy things like that. Although he may not have time to be a tourist, depending on how long the meeting lasts, so I may get nothing at all.

But, in the meantime, it means I don't have to cook dinner if I don't want to for three nights in a row. And I can watch whatever TV show I want to without snide comments like the ones I got last night for watching "Happy Days." How can he not appreciate 'The Fonz'?! I can even go to bed early and read for a couple of hours, or until I get sleepy. (That is if the dog will let me. She has a serious issue with my being in bed with the light on. Whines and moans until I give up and turn the light off.)

Of course, it also means that I'll have to take care of the animals, including the litter box (yuck!) and assume some of DH's other duties, so that is a downside. Well, one of the down sides. The biggest downside is that DH won't be around. Wah!

Depending on what the BIL wants to do for his birthday on Sunday, and depending on the day of my (almost certainly) guaranteed weekend RE appointment, DH may leave again without me to celebrate the birthday. That's in a state of flux, but may mean at least one more night without having to plan a meal or having DH around. I'm hoping for a Saturday appointment so I can go with for whatever ends up being planned.

Ideally I'll have the energy Friday night to do some cleaning after work and before DH gets home so the house will smell and look nice for his arrival. Not that he'll necessarily notice at the time he'll be arriving, but you know. It's a thing.

So, the plan for the next few evenings includes eating whatever I want, reading, watching TV, and cleaning. Not bad. Not bad at all.


On a totally unrelated note, I went to my eye doc for the annual check and found out that not only had he and his wife done IVF, they had success with the same clinic I go to (but the other doctor, not that should make any difference).


  1. Wow...I seem to have missed a lot!
    sorry about the suckage of IVF 1.
    Good luck with IVF 2!

  2. The bachelorette life seems sweet until you find yourself passed out in the middle of the afternoon with a melting margarita in one hand and sugar cookies for dinner in the other. Nothing like a sugar coma to make you feel like a successful adult!

    I also like to keep the house looking nice for when Wes comes home from trips. And have something nice cooking for dinner. And have a yummy dessert. Because I am nothing if not insistent that he realize AT ALL TIMES that life with me is awesome so he should never ever leave.