Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...So are the days of our lives.

Today I will be calling the RE with the news that Auntie Flo has come to visit. This call should kick off the process for IVF#2.



  1. Here from LFCA- I saw your question. It's not exactly the same situation, but with my IVF my f/s recommended doing ICSI with half the eggs because we'd never had a pregnancy after four IUIs and he was worried about a fertilization issue.

    He was right. We had 14 eggs: of the seven left to their own devices, ONE fertilized (maybe the swimmers didn't bring enough flowers and chocolates?). Of the ICSI seven, six were mature, and five fertilized. So a pretty substantial difference.

    I hope ICSI can help you as well. It's awful having to go to another level of intervention, but we do what we must to get a good result.

    Good luck this cycle.