Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Weekend, Another Monday

This was the second weekend in a row we have spent with the in-laws.

Hard not to do when three events always happen in sequence:
-FIL's birthday
-Their anniversary
-Father's Day

At least this weekend was much less tiring as it included much less socializing and much more sunning. The big excitement was the almost serious damage to the new boat after it got loose from being tied to a post near the new dock (planned before the boat purchase, and very necessary) Saturday night. While the motor casing was damaged thanks to a crack against the dock, some coincidental timing allowed DH to reach the boat soon enough to prevent additional damage.

Of course with the mammoth winds and waves (steady 20-25mph, and 2-3 feet are significant at their cottage) it took not only DH but his father and brother to fully rescue the boat and retie it in a location which would have less potential for damage if the boat got loose again.

The ironic thing, the new dock has a boat lift to get the boat out of the water so it wouldn't have to be tied between uses. Unfortunately the builders hadn't gotten to hooking up the electrical line to make the lift operational before this weekend. You know that the in-laws are going to be on the dock builders this week to get that item completed!


On the way home Sunday we stopped for a potty break and a drink - too many margarita's the night before left me a tad dehydrated - and DH was wished a happy Father's Day. Thankfully the person doing the wishing added the caveat "if you are a father" and had some good banter with both of us so it wasn't the crushing reminder of where we aren't it could have been. Perhaps I could have used it as a opening to discuss DH's feelings about the day, but it seemed a shame to add frustration about our situation to our sadness at having to leave the beach.


And now it's Monday and despite being in bed by 9:45 (or earlier), neither one of us slept well. I vote for an additional day (as yet unnamed) to be added to the weekend, between Saturday and Sunday. I could sure use it!


  1. Oh man, I would be so sad if my brand new boat smashed against something! Good job for DH rescuing it though!

    Glad your time at the beach was relaxing, and good for you for drinking margaritas! They are SO GOOD!!!

  2. Oh wow a boat that is so cool! Good to hear there was not too much damage.

    Cheers to the margarita's. I could so imagine sipping them on a boat right now :-)