Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Weekend!

As usual we couldn't get through a weekend with DH's family without drama.

But before that occurred we did get to have some fun, including a viewing of Star Trek on Sunday afternoon. Verdict: I totally enjoyed it. I cried (briefly), I laughed (many times), I clawed my husbands leg (until he hissed at me to stop). Not being a true Trekkie, I can't tell you how well the actors represented their characters, but I thought they did a great job. Not to mention hot.

Saturday I had the fun of starting the shots. As I mentioned, one of the medications involves mixing immediately prior to injection. DH has been kind enough to take over that responsibility - while I could do it, his medical training does come in handy, and it's nice to have him involved.

Monday was DH's mother's birthday. It was also the day the drama went down. This time I was not involved. Actually I was so far out of the loop that I didn't know what had happened until after his brother left in a huff without even bothering to say good bye to me or DH. I don't feel comfortable sharing the exact details, but what it boiled down to was parent/child dynamics undergoing change equals frustration on both parts.

On our way home DH and I discussed somethings that are coming up in the next few years and how we will be affected. Only time will show how it will all fall out, but at least we are looking at it together. We also stopped and picked up a pizza at a local restaurant that has gotten good reviews. I'm now hoping to go back and sample some of their other dishes. Mmmm, Italian.

As you can guess, getting out of bed this morning was a challenge. And yet, here I am at work with the auditor from the VEC. Fun times.


  1. Family drama, it's lame but unavoidable. Hopefully everyone involved will get it sorted out before the next gathering!

    Getting out of bed after a 3 day weekend is torture! It doesn't help if your weekend was super awesome fun, either, because then you have an awesome hangover and suddenly getting a cup of coffee doesn't seem nearly as cool as it used to.

  2. Ah family drama... enough said......, hope it all gets sorted.

    Good Luck with the shots. I also have to do the mixing ones, I am pretty good at doing it all by myself but sometimes have to get DH to hold it will I suck up the powder