Friday, May 22, 2009

Tempting the Fates

DH and I have had some conversations recently about baby related items.

Not IF, but WHEN type of conversations in which the assumption is that we WILL have a child. That all of the procedures and expense will have been successful and well spent. Knock on wood.

During our trip to Busch Gardens we talked briefly about strollers - the plus/minus of different types, and brands and expense. I have a feeling he's going to go into sticker shock when we do start to shop for baby items, and Babies R Us will make his head explode.

Last night we were watching an episode of Dirty Jobs (Mike Rowe, swoon) in which Mike worked with a cloth diaper service. Seeing the results of use, I mentioned to DH I was not looking forward to dealing with that. His immediate question, with a tinge of disgust: You are thinking cloth diapers? My response: Diapers. Period. (If you are wondering, I haven't actually contemplated diapers but there is a small environmental part of my conscience prodding me to think I may want to give some of the newfangled insert diaper systems a chance - and aim for early potty training. Despite his insistence that I turn off lights when exiting a room he's clearly okay with disposable diapers filling landfills. Very confusing for me also.)

Heading down to the beach sometime after work, and after DH cuts our grass so it's not topping our kneecaps when we return. We will celebrate the long weekend with relaxation, shopping (for me), fishing (for DH), and enjoying the family.

Hope your weekend is enjoyable as well!


  1. Some people (I may be talking about my mother here) are firm believers in projecting the future you want for yourself by thinking and talking about it, so depending on who you ask you're either tempting the fates or charting the course of your destiny.

    Wes and I have thrown around the idea of cloth diapers. I think the consensus is that if I'm a stay at home mom and feel comfortable with the added work then we'll give it a try. We'll see.

    I hope your weekend is oodles of relaxing!

  2. It has been said that thoughts can often attract that outcome, so who knoow maybe your thinking about diapers will bring them and the attached baby to you, it has not happened to me yet but one never knows.