Friday, May 8, 2009

Dem Bones

****Potential Spoiler Alert****

Do not continue reading if you are one of those people who hate to know a plot to a movie or TV show before you watch it.

Last night DH and I watched the most recent episode of Bones.

For those not familiar with the show, the two main characters are Booth, a male FBI agent, and Bones, a very rational/empirical minded female scientist. They are partners in solving murder cases (I think I missed the episode explaining why they work together, but just go with it), particularly cases in which very little immediately obvious evidence remains to point to the killer. Their relationship is a bit convoluted, but there are definitely strong personal feelings, if suppressed, on at least one side.

In this particular episode Bones decides she wants a baby and wants Booth to be the sperm donor - but not the "old fashioned way." Our familiarity with the high-tech procedures she was asking him to undergo was cause for more reaction, squirming (DH) and laughter (me), than we may have had prior to entering the halls of infertility.

I don't know why anyone would want to voluntarily undergo what we have, but hey, it's TV, right? And it was nice to see the need at least referenced, even if obliquely, and not have just another "oops" pregnancy.

In the end, for reasons not pertinent to this overview, she decided not to go forward with the procedure, but I still think it's going to happen, one way, or another. I just hope the writers don't "jump the shark" in trying to make it happen. Season finale is next week so we will see.

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