Friday, May 8, 2009

IVF Status Report

FedEx delivered the IVF medications yesterday morning to the office. I waited until I was home to open the box. You'd think for upwards of $4k the box would include gold plated needles, or something equally fabulous (my word for the day) I could show off to the world.

Alas, no such pretties.

Just regular old syringes and needles, the multiple boxes of medications, yet another Follistim Pen (I have quite a few extra if anyone is interested...they come with a nifty little zippered storage case but no meds), and some assorted supplies such as a small Hazmat sharps container, alcohol pads, gauze pads, and those cute little circular bandages (nevermind that that particular brand leaves a lasting red reaction on my skin after removal). And last, but certainly not least, several of the cold packs they use to keep the refrigerated medications cool in the Styrofoam insulated box during shipping.*

Yesterday morning I took advantage of some free time before I had to leave for work and started to read the paperwork regarding the procedures. DH and I are 99% sure we are going to do the shared-risk program, but even if we change our minds the procedures are the same. Some of the paperwork went into a bit more detail than I was expecting. Sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss. At least according to my squeemish stomach. But it was good to know more.

To recap the to date and anticipated schedule:
  • 4/22 I started birth control pills.
  • 4/29 We saw Dr. S (RE) to go over the FSH results (much, much better), and start the IVF process. DH had blood drawn for his side of the blood work.
  • 5/13 I see Dr. S for a baseline ultrasound (u/s) and my blood work. Last day of b/c pills. Not yet sure if I start the medication the same day or wait for a period to start the clock.
  • Week of Memorial Day - retrieval anticipated for beginning of week (please not Monday) with Day 3 transfer (not, not, not implantation - the RE's haven't gotten that good, yet) the end of the week, provided that my eggs and DH's sperm hookup and start doing the horizontal boogey properly. Schedule subject to change based on performance.

For all my angst about moving to IVF from IUI, somewhere in the past week I've finally been able to release the anger and hurt at my body for forcing this on me and accept that this is the way it has to be. I can't tell you when or why, but it's a relief to no longer feel that internal fight. That doesn't mean I'm blase about it (which I'm not, the retrieval process scares the poo out of me) but I'm no longer expending energy on a negative reaction to something beyond my control.

One thing that will make life easier, my mother has offered to come and help out while I am on bed rest / low activity after both the retrieval and transfer. It means that DH won't have to take my retrieval day off work. He can go in early to leave his sample, and will meet me at the office for the withdrawal, but he doesn't have to spent 4 hours driving back and forth to Richmond. The same will probably be true for the transfer - unless it gets pushed back to Saturday. It also means that I will have to learn to let go of some of my "this is the way I want it done" traits while she is around and helping, as I suspect it's not nice to be dictatorial when someone has offered to help. (Move over Bridezilla, here comes Patientzilla.)

Phew. It's a lot more than I ever expected to know about the reproductive process. And aren't you glad I'm sharing with you?

Stay tuned for more from the crazy, mixed-up files of Blanche Higrens and the IVF.

*These are great - they stay cool a long time and are small enough to fit most anywhere in a cooler full of oddly shaped packages. Much more useful than the multiple Follistim Pens I've received. These I will not share.

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  1. Wow, this sounds pretty intense but I'm SO glad you're starting to feel a little peace about the whole thing. You're very brave, and I have every hope that I'll be reading about your experience with pregnancy on this here blog :)