Friday, April 10, 2009


There were two on the door when I got home last night.

One for me. One for DH.

For me, Jury Duty for the first time ever. Let me repeat that: First time ever. Supposedly a one day? Trial date two weeks from today. I'm really hoping I don't get picked; I'd rather be at work. In HS my AP government class participated in a mock trial at the Marine Corps JAG (Judge Advocate General) School. It wasn't a far trip - the JAG school is located in my hometown. My one brilliant contribution was a snide comment about one the attorney's (prosecuting?) ugly tie that had distracted me from paying attention to the trial. I was so cool. (In my own mind at least.)

DH has been named in a trial I can't talk about. I can tell you the issue in question was not his fault. It still sucks though. He's got to be in court in a different county/town for at least part of the week after I have to be at the courthouse for jury duty.

I think we're about to learn more about the justice system than either of is really wanted to know!


  1. How random that you each got summoned on the same day! Imagine what the person who delivered the summons was thinking! :)
    P.S. The one time I was called for jury duty, I was out of state for college so I didn't have to report.

  2. I feel like I am going to jinx something here, but I've never been called for jury duty. I am sooo literally knocking on wood right now!