Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Status (Quo?)

So, are you curious about how the IUI went? Or could you care less?

Regardless, here's the report:
  • DH's sperm analysis showed rapid-grade swimmers for the 1st time ever! He's been taking some supplements to increase his testosterone levels, so this is a good sign they are working.
  • An unexpected second egg showed up between my visit Saturday and Tuesday. The RE said it had a 50/50 chance of releasing based on size, so I'm cheering it on. I figure the more the merrier. And better chances for something to stick!
  • My corkscrew cervix was even more uncooperative than usual, resulting in my first ever time spotting after an IUI.
  • Thanks to that, my abdomen was more sore than normal last night - I had a dozen saltines for dinner last night and was happy.
  • Friday I start 2x per day prometrium supplements again until ?
Other things discussed included flu shot timing (not until after this cycle has been proven one way or another), and the Bible. Or just the Old Testament as my RE is Jewish - but apparently not very devout as he was unfamiliar with a couple of the stories drilled into me in Sunday School growing up. It started with a question about my husband's given name, which is taken from the Old Testament, but still fairly unusual and has stuck for four generations (I can't tell you why. It's not a great name.) and worked its way to the name of a baby of one of the RE's other patients. DH and I agree that we will not use DH's name again should we be blessed with a boy. I can't argue against anything that would help a potential child not be teased!

I'm trying to think good thoughts and be hopeful. Especially with everything looking more positive this time. All I can say is that confirmation of a viable pregnancy would make an excellent Christmas present. And would totally make up for not being able to drink my mother-in-law's famous punch at the family Christmas gathering.


  1. I could care less! (Because the saying is "couldn't care less," as in, I could not care less. Thus, I care greatly about the status of your IUI).

    I hope you get a pee-soaked positive for Christmas!

  2. I second Jen's hope for your Christmas gift! I'm sending many good thoughts and crossed fingers your way!