Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's With Brad Pitt's Upper Lip?

I watched part of his interview with Ann Curry on the Today show this morning but had to leave for work before the above question was answered.

And what I want to know is why Angie let that caterpillar grow on his upper lip?

Because, while I don't entirely agree with the falling for Angelina while still married to Jen, I think he's a pretty decent person (or maybe I've just fallen for the spin), only now he looks like I imagine a 70's porn star would. That's just disturbing, and not at all hot.

Image from People.com


  1. He seems to have actively abandoned the idea of being a polished sex symbol since hooking up with Jolie. I think the mustache is his way of being ironic (?) and showing he doesn't care.

    Even his movies are a complete 180 from the work he did when he was married. His movies are more critically acclaimed than they used to be, but decidedly less enjoyable for the average person to watch.

  2. It's for a movie he's working on now ("Inglourious Bastards" or something), and this photo was at the opening of that Benjamin Button movie.

  3. I agree. Not. Hot. At. ALL!!!

  4. Whatever it is for he needs to get it off his face!!! It creeps me out!