Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Single Life

Don't tell the rapists and burglars, but DH is away for work for most of this week.

I've got a list of about 15 things I'd like to have done around the house before he returns. That's 3 nights left to complete most of them. This is my list, not his. Only a complete bastard of a husband would leave a list of tasks to be completed in his absence.

Most of them are the usual suspects that never stop: laundry, changing sheets, bathroom cleaning, scrubbing down the kitchen, vacuuming, wet-mopping the wood floors, dusting, and so on.

Outside the usual: painting the guest bath. Hmmmm. That could take 3 days and nights by itself.

But what do you think is the one I really want to complete?

Also on the list: catching up to DH on Hellgate. This is his 2nd play through, my 1st to this point (I got frustrated with other characters), and I was ahead of DH, but no longer. He passed me a couple weeks back. But then, he's played more than I in the past month or so. Too bad I can't multi-task on most of the items.

There's just not enough time or energy to get everything done. But I'm going to give it a shot.

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  1. Good luck with your amibitious to do list! My husband went out of town a few months ago and the only thing I managed to do was get drunk in the middle of the afternoon and make sugar cookies for dinner :)