Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surprisingly Good Eats

Last night I made my weekly stop at W@l-M@rt and found a delightful selection of local apples (much to my surprise). I'm not much of a fruit (or veggie) eater*, but for some reason I was tempted by the display.

I selected a variety called "Honeycrisp" - doesn't that sound delicious?

Furthermore, instead of succumbing to temptation and enjoying multiple-handfuls of Cheetos for dinner as I did Tuesday night, I decided to be healthy and slice one of the apples and spread the slices with a couple wedges of Laughing Cow soft swiss cheese. The apple lived up to it's name - sweet with just enough tang and a satisfying crunch. Paired with the cheese it made a fantastic dinner. All that was missing was a crusty loaf of bread and a nice glass of wine. Maybe next time.

Dessert was a different story (darn my weak willpower for not staying away from the cookies I bought for work munchies), but as we all know, dessert goes into another stomach entirely separate from dinner.

*You KNOW this is going to turn against me when we have kids and I have to eat my veggies to get them to eat theirs.


  1. Mmm! That sounds like a delicious snack! I love the Laughing Cow cheese.

  2. Ooooo!!!! I love those apples. I had some last year and have been hoping to find them again this year. Which W@lly were they at?

  3. Leslie - I picked them up at the new(er?) Wal-Mart off 199. I also saw them advertised in the Farm Fresh insert this weekend.