Friday, August 22, 2008

Time Sucks For Your Viewing Pleasure

Recently we've watched some new movies at home. Sure, we have HBO, STARZ, and On-Demand, as well as a membership at a local video store, but we haven't watched much new for a long time. We tend to watch a movie over and over until we can no longer stand it - and there just hasn't been much new released (on DVD or in the theatre) recently that thrilled us.

A couple weeks back we watched "August Rush". I really need to see it again as I spent half the movie in anticipation of the end I knew was coming.. That anticipation totally destroyed my attention to details of the story, and seriously annoyed DH. But I loved the soundtrack, so that's on my birthday list.

This week we watched "No Reservations". I watched it twice, having missed the first 20 minutes and a fairly significant plot point on the first viewing. Both times it made me cry. I enjoyed the movie, but I'm not going to run out and get it on DVD. DH and I both caught repeats of music from other soundtracks of movies we love - "French Kiss" and "The Cutting Edge."

We've watched "The Holiday" and "Music & Lyrics" through HBO/STARZ at least once a week for the past few months. We also have both on DVD. Other movies we've watched (repeatedly) in the past six months or less: Zoom, Sky High, Out Cold, Accepted, The Chronicles of Riddick, Good Advice, Galaxy Quest, America's Sweethearts, Dave, The American President...those are the ones that come easily to mind. I'm sure there are still several others out there I will remember later.

In case you can't tell, DH is a closet fan of romantic comedies. Of course, he still enjoys a good action movie and so do I, but the majority of what we watch are considered "girly" movies. But then, I'm not a fan of horror/suspense, so he doesn't get to watch those when I'm around unless I go to another room. I can't help it that I'm very susceptible to the suggestions and images and have terrible nightmares afterwards. It's not an adrenaline rush I find enjoyable.


What movies have you watched, or are you watching repeatedly?


And in a different genre: So, is anyone else watching "Eureka" Tuesday nights on the SciFi channel? We really enjoy it. Enough so that DH paused his current computer game when we realized that it had already started this week. It's not often that we make the effort to keep up with a tv show, but Eureka is different. In some ways it reminds me of Northern Exposure: a quirky, isolated town in which something strange is always going on. I don't know that I'd want to live in a town like it, but it's sure fun to watch!


This weekend we may go to a winery west of Richmond for a Mini rally. $10 each isn't bad for a day's entertainment, especially when it includes a glass, food, goodie bag & music.

Or we may just stay home and veg (and maybe do a little bit around the house) - always a valid option!

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  1. I've been in an epic mood lately so I've been watching Moulin Rouge, Kill Bill vol. 1 and 2, Lord of the Rings, etc...

    I hope you have an awesome weekend!