Monday, August 25, 2008


In the movie "America's Sweethearts" (also mentioned Friday), John Cusack's character uses the "I'm Grateful..." mantra to calm himself down.

In that spirit, I'm trying to remember the things for which I am grateful, and hoping to find peace doing so.

-I'm grateful that we were able to go to the Mini Cooper rally at a vineyard on Saturday and I was able to taste all of the wines without worry.
-I'm grateful that the weather was pretty mild for August in Virginia. While it was warm, it wasn't unbearable like it could have been.
-I'm grateful that my BIL was feeling well enough to join us.
-I'm grateful that even with the lack of rain our area is experiencing our water usage has not yet been as restricted as other locations in the state.
-I'm grateful that I continue to have a job despite the ongoing lull in residential construction.
-I'm grateful that my coworker was able to pick me up at the repair shop so I didn't have to stay there while my car's oil was changed and tires rotated.
-I'm grateful that our weekend was a mix of fun (hot date to Lowe's on Friday, Mini rally Saturday) and relaxation (video games and reading Sunday).
-I'm grateful for my internet connection at work which allows me to post these little bits of nonsense.

What are you grateful for?


  1. I'm grateful that even though I am hating my job right now, that at least I have one!

  2. I'm grateful that no matter how expensive everything gets, silly dancing in the kitchen is always free!