Wednesday, April 9, 2008

If we got to pick which dreams come true...

Scene - This morning in the kitchen

DH:"Last night I dreamed we had a fire in our basement."

Me:"A couple nights back I dreamed I had a positive pregnancy test."

DH: "I hope your dream comes true and not mine."

In other news: Over the weekend I managed to irritate the cornea of my right eye and get a bacterial infection of my cornea. I have to wear my glasses for at least a week before I go back to the doc for a reevaluation. Oh yeah, and put antibiotic drops in my eye 4x a day until then.

I'm expecting that I will be healed up in time for my cousin's wedding so I won't be wearing glasses in those pictures, or have that startled baby bird look that people who usually wear glasses have when they take their glasses off for a picture.

(Use your imagination to insert a rambling multi-paragraph self-analysis about why I hate wearing glasses, only feel my true self in contacts, etc. If you come to any conclusions, please let me know because I have yet to figure it out myself.)

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