Monday, April 7, 2008

3 out of 6 isn't bad, is it?

Confession - After a two day strong start I slacked off Thursday. Picked back up Friday, and blew the weekend off entirely. (Unless cleaning the bathroom counts? Please, tell me it does.)

Tonight we have a neighborhood meeting which could impact the amount of time I have between work and getting dinner on the table. But I'm going to keep trying. I'm not giving up on myself.


In other news, I wanted to announce that there has been great forward progress on getting the outstanding household projects completed (as per my resolution for 2008 to complete all on-going projects, and complete all that are started in 2008).
1. Shelving units either side of the fireplace: finished! (This was DH's job and it looks fabulous!)
2. Wall cabinet for Laundry room: ordered by me, received, and installed by DH. He's so handy!
3. Bookcases for the study: ordered by me, 1 of 2 received (there was a mis-communication within the cabinet shop) and installed. 2 of 2 should come in this week.
4. Master bedroom curtains, duvet cover, & shams: We've had the patterned fabric for 9 months now. DH and I went out on Saturday to the local chain fabric store and finally found a solid we both agreed on. And it was on sale. Score! The order should come in in the next couple of weeks, and then I can get the fabric to the woman who will make everything except the valance. That's our final part of the project, that and hanging the wall of curtains. Eeeek.
5. Family room couch: We spent more to recover/remake one we had in the basement than it would have cost to buy a good one new. And the seat cushions still aren't right. I need to call the upholstery guy. Again. (I'm going to go bang my head against a brick wall on this one.)
6. Donating older clothes to charity. This goes with my desire to clean out my closet. Just gotta wait for the right time and I'll load up the car with everything all at once.

Next up (ie: projects I won't think about starting until the above are all 100% completed):
1. Painting upstairs guest bath. Thinking a very pale green, one of those white-greens, to complement the shower curtain DH and I bought a long time ago that we love.
2. Wall-papering powder room. I bought the paper before we moved in the house over 4 years ago. My mom and I can do this - wallpapering is best not done with someone to whom you are married.
3. Painting an accent wall in the room we plan to use for a nursery. (I AM NOT PREGNANT). I hate the carpet color we picked out. (I thought we had selected a pretty green, but I was apparently convinced to go with a "neutral" mauve/taupe color. Blech.) Anyway, the room needs something to draw your attention away from the carpet. And since I know we'll go gender neutral with the nursery, a nice soft green which will complement the existing bedding is in order.
4. Decorating the basement. This one won't come into effect until the basement is actually finished. But it's somewhere on the horizon. Lurking.

What on your to-do list? And how long has it taken you to get around to some of them? Please, someone tell me it's been more than 4 years so I don't feel so much like a procrastinator!

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  1. Edgar and I have so many things on our to do list...the first one is get married, then, tackle the loooong list. The looong list also involves saving money to complete list. Oy.