Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Lurve Valium and Lortabs

Today's HSG went about as easily as the last one was difficult.

So what if the RE was running a little behind. He and I both thought the appointment was for 8:30 and not 8 like the Radiology department had on their schedule.

(Have I mentioned how much I like my RE? Cause I lurve him too. Tho' that could just be the Valium talking.)

He was in and out with the equipment, the nurse held my hand (very comforting), the x-rays were taken, and I left the hospital just about an hour and 15 minutes after I checked in. Right on time.

And to top it off, the results: All Clear. (As he was anticipating, but you never know.)

I will call his office tomorrow to check in and see what's next, but as of now, I'm feeling pretty good. Again, that could be the Valium and Lortab still in my system (how long do they last anyway?), so I'm not going to take a chance and go into work. I'll just stay here at home and take another nap or two to make up for getting up so darn early and sleeping so poorly last night.

Thanks for all the good wishes - I'm sure they helped too!


  1. Yay!!! Congrats on your exceptionally clean plumbing!

  2. How wonderful! And drugs are goooooood, m'kay?