Monday, April 21, 2008

This post is brought to you by the letter "F"

And is in bullet points, because, (1) it's Monday, (2) it's raining, (3) need I say more when I'm at work where I should be, and not at home in my cozy bed snuggling with the kitties and listening to the rain like I want to be?
  • The exercise / workout thing? Psh. What thing? Apparently I am such a slacker, and so good at making excuses that not even the combined power of the internets can keep me on track without shelling out the big $ to join a gym or studio. All I can say is thank God that self-tanning lotion has the power to minimize some of the fluorescent paleness my skin has taken on over the winter.
  • DH and I spent a bunch of time this weekend hashing out the finer (and hopefully final) details of our basement finishing project. Oh yeah, it'll be a party zone. Big flat-screen TV, comfortable seating, pool table, wet bar, full bath, workout room*/future bedroom. And like the retaining walls of doom, we'll be putting in some labor on this project as well. Hopefully, it will go faster than the year and a half the walls took! I can't live with construction for that long. (And it means that a lot of the furniture DH's parents have stored in our basement will go away. It wouldn't be so bad if it was actually something we wanted and could use...)
  • We also went out and ran some errands, one of which was looking for an area rug for our family room. We need to replace the one we've been using in front of the family room couch because it clashes with the recovered couch fabric. We found one we thought was pretty special - and the price agreed at about twice what I would want to pay, 10x what DH would want to pay. Negotiations may be in order on the budget for this item.

Overall we had a pretty good weekend. Hope your weekend was satisfactory as well.

*This will get the exercise equipment out of our bedroom. But see the first point for how often I will use this space. This is all DH's baby, but I'm guessing he's not going to use it as much as he thinks.

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