Monday, April 28, 2008

Time Management Issues

Well, it's started. The stress of leaving Thursday morning for my cousin's wedding in Florida. And not the easy to get to part of Florida. The part that's an hours drive from the closest airport, and 2 hours drive from the cheaper airport. I've got three days and counting to finish this up and I don't think there's enough time left! (Note to self: Remember to warn DH that I'm heading into major bitch mode due to stress.)

All the last minute items that shouldn't have been last minute items if I had just planned ahead are starting to take a toll on me. And it's Monday, so I have a double whammy of stress. (Though I did try to start to work out so I'd be in bathing suit shape in plenty of time, and you know how well that went, so maybe it's a bad example.)

(1) Scheduling Shelby for the kennel. Yep. Am lucky that this is not a spring break week around here and they had room. Am dropping her off on Weds. since our flight leaves early enough Thurs. for a pre-flight drop to not work.
(2) Updating Shelby's Bordatella shot (kennel cough), required by the kennel. It expired mid-April and I've known about it since the last time we took Shelby to the kennel. Scheduled for Wed's AM - the earliest appointment was 9AM, so with getting Shelby to the kennel afterwards, I'll be rolling into work around 11AM. Followed by a bikini wax at 12noon. To make it a productive day I'll end up working late to make up some of the missed time in the AM and to make sure that my desk is mostly orderly for my return.
(3) Stopping the papers via an obnoxious automated phone system. I'm not sure it's better than the call-center in the Philippines, really.
(4) Asking our wonderful, exceptional and did I mention fabulous, neighbors to bring in the mail and check on the kitties while we are away.
(5) Bathing suit. Preferably one that comes high on my neck and down to my knees. Unexplained b'acne and unfortunate thigh cellulite need to be covered. Also note that my only one-piece suit has the unfortunate tendency to flatten my chest to the point where my relaxed stomach and chest stick out about the same amount. I'm thinking a tankini is going to be the most flattering option (like I'm going to wear a bikini around my (younger) cousin's and fiance's friends who are probably younger and in better shape), since I don't want to embarrass myself.
(6) A new dress for the rehearsal dinner or wedding. I have a cute red and white strapless sun-dress that could go either way, and I would like to find another dress to wear for the other event. Maybe I'm picky, but I'm not finding anything that fits either my body or style preferences. If I can't find anything I like (in the limited amount of time I have remaining) I'll wear my jean skirt and a slinky top for the dinner, and the sun-dress for the wedding. But I'd love to find another dress without spending a fortune.
(7) All of this is complicated by a (long - almost 2 hours including travel time)lunch appointment at noon today, having to get home early enough tonight to make dinner for DH before his 7pm neighborhood meeting, a hair appointment Tues. at 3:30, and the aforementioned bikini wax on Weds. When am I supposed to find time to go shopping?! Not to mention take back the items I bought last week which don't work.
(8) Packing - what clothes to take (apart from the outfits for the two events and bathing suit)? And how much (do I check my bag with full size toilettries or do I go light and take just small amounts of the basics!)? Do I plan for every possibility or accept that I'll rewear some things (like skirts and shorts) in order to pack lighter? Gah! Destination weddings are a royal pain! At least when DH and I travel by ourselves it doesn't matter so much what I wear - I don't feel like I have to worry about what anyone but DH thinks.
(9) Oil Change.... This can wait for next week. Phew!
(10) Self-tanner so I don't glow when wearing any skin revealing attire. I did manage this both Sat. and Sun., so that's done (including orange elbows...oops! Good thing I don't mind looking fake). Maybe it will be real by the time we return on Sunday - even with the 30SPF sunblock I plan to take.
(11) I know I'm forgetting something...any ideas? At least there's some shopping nearby the location so if I do forget anything it can be purchased (fairly) easily.

Maybe I should just take a couple of the extra Valium left over from last week.* That would make everything better! Life would be so much easier sometimes if I didn't have to work.

*Oh crap. I'm going to need to pack OPK's...I don't think we are sharing a bath with anyone in the house we're staying in, so our issues shouldn't be exposed.

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