Friday, March 14, 2008

And in other news...

The city is trying to spruce up some of the main corridor leading to William & Mary and Colonial Williamsburg. It's an area which has been neglected in the recent boom of construction, and has some older, low-cost commercial buildings which apparently don't fit the image the city wants to present*. One of the tenants is "Monica: Spiritual Reader & Advisor" She was quoted in this mornings' paper:

"Reached Thursday, Monica, who is believed to be the only working psychic in the Historic Triangle, said she had no idea plans were under way to demolish her business. "This is all news to me," said Monica, who declined to give her last name."

DH's response: She must not be a very good psychic then.

*Like the new Walgreen's on a near block is "historic". But it brings the city income. That's all that seems to matter right now.


  1. Maybe Monica's "chi" was blocked that day!

  2. I was thinking the same thing...I would not go to see her! You know everyone in the newsroom must have been cracking up!