Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plan v. 1.2

I went to have my HSG yesterday. I was nervous, but felt confident that taking the "magic" pills to soften my cervix would fix the problems the doc had with the endometrial biopsy.

Apparently not. He managed to get the catheter in and then it fell out and he caught it with his non-sterile hand. The second catheter he couldn't manage to get in, and with all the pulling and stretching and his muttered frustrations I went into a full blown panic attack. (Hyperventilation, tingling in extremities leading to involuntarily contracted muscles in my fingers and feet, nausea, etc.)

I don't recommend them.

So, that procedure gets pushed off for another month. But we can still do the post-coital, and I'm calling today to schedule that for next week.

But next month, I get the happy IV drugs so I don't care what's going on. Should have just gone with them this time, but I really thought I could get through it OK. Apparently my sub-conscious had other ideas.


  1. So sorry that happened.
    Happy drugs = good.
    Medical procedures happening anywhere near cervix = BAD.

  2. gah! That sucks!
    I hope the next one is way better!

  3. Oy--this sounded terrible. I hope the next time goes smoother.

  4. Aw man!! Hopefully it will go better next time...drugs should help :-)