Wednesday, April 22, 2015

19.5 weeks (Little Two)

So, in the past month, Little Two has rolled over many more times, able to go both tummy to back, and back to tummy, but only one at a time before she gets upset.

At her 4 month appointment she was just over 25" and 13 1/2 pounds.

She wears mostly 6 month clothes with a few 9 month outfits thrown in. I've started running into the issue with having a half-year offset on the girls for hand-me-downs: since LO was wearing 9 month clothes mostly in the winter there aren't many lighter weight outfits. So much for that savings!

Going through the tubs of clothes I've realized what a crappy job I did of sorting as I set things aside. The most frustrating thing so far was finding the 6mo sized bunting I knew I had and could have used during the colder months mixed in with some 12-18 month clothes. I also need to track down some of LO's summer hats, I hope I find them before summer ends! This time I'm actually labeling the tubs and putting the outgrown clothing in with the right sizes instead of just lumping them all together as I find them. It should make passing them along easier once I can bring myself to do so.

Still no progress on picking out a rocker for her room so I can stop using the bed for night feedings. Thought I had found a strong possibility but a full price out including the necessary ottoman caused the price to almost double from what I was anticipating and willing to pay. Back to looking I go.

I'm hoping LT will soon start to settle into a schedule in regards to sleep. Some nights she sleeps through a good 5-6+ hours, some she wakes every 3 hours, and some she wakes even more times than I want to attempt to remember.  The days are irregular also - some mornings she gives me a good 2 hour nap where I can transfer out of my lap into the swing, and some days she'll only doze on me and if I dare try and move her to the swing she'll scream like a banshee until I nurse her back into said doze. She remains not a fan of the car seat so I'm never sure if a car ride will be quiet or loud with indignant screams of protest about not being in my (tired) arms.

LT has discovered the joy that is petting (read as pulling the hell out of their fur for as long as they put up with it) the kitties. Oh, (and because my train of thought led from fur on hands to fur in mouth and then the logical exit of fur) she only poops once or twice a week. Quite a difference from LO who pooped much much more.  She's quite the efficient user of breast milk! Speaking of which, apart from her nightly 4oz bottle of formula before bed, LT remains almost completely breastfed.

At the 4mo appt the ped suggested I could start cereal if I wanted. My reaction? No, thank you! I'm happy to delay that mess until she starts grabbing the food on my plate. I've done the excited to start solids thing, and I'm now convinced it's not worth the extra effort until she shows interest.

So that's where things are with LT. Hope you are enjoying the spring!

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